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Who is Anita Brown? Leaked Nudes from Her Onlyfan Account



Who is Anita Brown? Leaked Nudes from Her Onlyfan Account

Who is Anita Brown (Ninatheelite)? ENigeria Newspaper obtains evidence proving that Anita Brown Davido’s alleged pregnant side chic is indeed a porn star with a popular porn website

ENigeria Newspaper reports that Anita Brown is a high-class escort (another word for prostitutes in America) and a porn star with Onlyfan a Pornhub where escorts create accounts to attract patronage from men. Further checks also revealed that Anita also known as Ninatheelite is based in Atlanta (not Miami, as she claims), this is according to exclusive investigations by ENigeria newspaper.

Anita enjoys “rolling with superstars,” which is slang for “hanging out with superstars,” as it validates her social media-publicized status. She loves to travel to happening places, concerts, and events positioning her killer body strategically to attract wealthy and influential figures.


Anita and Davido – The True Story

From country to country, she is known by pimps, and in 2017 when she was pimped for Davido in Dubai, it was meant to be a one-night stand until it didn’t. They kept in touch and this newspaper understands that Davido at a time considered settling down with her and shared the idea with her to which she refused vehemently, adding that she is still young and wants to explore.

ENigeria Newspaper understands from informed sources in Davido’s camp that although she may be pregnant for the singer, she was handsomely paid to put up the social media façade that is currently trending at the moment, allegedly.
This claim which is subject to verification is common among musicians and celebrities especially when they are promoting huge projects like albums like Davido is doing now with “Timeless”.

“In all of these have you heard Chioma make a sound? No, because she is part of the arrangement; she was carried along and she consented since it was a clear winning part for David”, our source submitted.


You would recall that in the 2023 top 20 most streamed artist in Nigeria, released recently, Davido came third place losing the first and second place to Wizkid and Burna Boy. Our source further revealed that the current reality only spells danger for Davido famously known as “Omo baba olowo” a toga for the ‘son of a very wealthy man’, an accolade that is believed to open doors that helped to boost his career in the entertainment industry.

He said, “Davido just renewed his contract with Sony, and with the reality in the industry now especially with Davido losing the first and second place in the most streamed Nigerian artistes to Wizkid and his arch-rival, Burna Boy, only stunts like this can help him reach the desired streaming numbers that would earn him the respect of reputable international labels like Sony and others. What you should know is that Anita is working hard to earn the money she is paid”, the source concluded.

VIDEO: Anita Brown (Ninatheelite) – Davido’s Pregnant Lover Performs Live Pregnancy Test

A video has emerged of Anita Brown – said to be singer Davido’s pregnant girlfriend in Miami performing a live pregnancy test on Instagram and the video can be watched below.

Singer Davido – real name David Adeleke has been trending on social media and in the mainstream media since news of his affair with Anita Brown broke and the latter letting all hell loose.

Davido who lost his three-year-old son, Ifeanyi Adeleke recently was thrown under the bus by angry fans who called him out on social media for his reckless lifestyle.
An obviously angry fan wrote: “Chioma was busy moaning their son while Davido was busy moaning in za oza room”


Reactions from other netizens seen by ENigeria Newspaper suggest that even though Davido loves Chioma, his actions are driven by youthful exuberance mixed with too much money, affluence, drugs, and spirit (alcohol).

Anita Brown Pregnancy – Netizens React

ENigeria Newspaper picked reactions from netizens who shared their views on social media.

That Davido impregnated another lady does not sound strange to me, for someone like me who has had experiences in life, this is not a news cuz there are many Davidos as husbands out there…

It’s not Chioma’s fault that Davido is an opio, she just has to be smart at this point. Get herself busy with money-fetching businesses and live her life especially now that they are officially married.

And with the look of things, Chioma is heavily pregnant for her husband who has refused to be deciplined.. You all should help Chioma to be strong…
And do not tell me Davido does not love Chioma, he does he is just being intosticated with youthful exuberance mixed with too much money, affluence, drugs and spirit ( Alcohol )…
2face never rest? With age him sef go soon rest….
Help Chioma heal….


Let’s even assume that she is truly pregnant for Davido…let’s say there is a slim chance that she is telling the truth, my problem with these women is how they easily open up, skin to skin with almost every star or anyone who claims to be a star. I mean, shouldn’t there be a discussion such as: “I may get pregnant and if I do, will you accept responsibility?”…I’m even putting the cart before the horse; I mean, shouldn’t there be a relationship before a pregnancy? You nor know person, you just see one fine boy with wandering preeq, you open your own hyper-active V-jay, oya, enter. Juss like dat! Now, you claim you did not know he was married, you did not know he lost a child, perhaps you did not even know he is Davido, where did he pick you, Florida backwaters?… Keep quiet there, silly, lazy, lack of home training good time party bopper!

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Chioma don suffer

For this life don’t ever marry a man that has zero regard/respect for you
A man that will embarrass you publicly
My friend was saying that Banky and his wife are just putting up a facade to deceive people into thinking everything is cool, I said is much better than the public embarrassment Davido and 2baba are giving their wives.
Tell me how this babe take fine pass Chioma?
After how many baby mamas he’s adding more, I even got headaches from reading the screenshots from the girl like you can see that this things stresses the man out yet he continues
You have your career, baby mamas crisis, family etc and you’re still adding more. Like how does he even have all that energy.
And this girl is saying she never knew he was married that nothing looks married on his page
I blame Chioma for agreeing to a private marriage that no one knows about

Video: Anita Brown Live Pregnancy Test

ENigeria Newspaper reports that a popular Nigerian singer, David Adeleke better known as Davido is currently trending on the micro-blogging site, Twitter, after Anita Brown, his alleged girlfriend released a video of her doing a pregnancy test live on the social media network, Instagram.

The US-based lady took to her Instagram page to reveal that she met Davido in 2017 and shares screenshots of her conversations with the Nigerian singer as proof of their relationship and the texts where he begged her to say that she was hacked and not pregnant.
Reacting to questions from some fans who bashed her for going after a married man (Davido), Anita Brown said she had no idea he was married because his page didn’t look like that of a married man, and the wedding was so lowkey she didn’t hear about it while she was abroad. Davido is married to Chioma.


Apart from showing screenshots of her private message with Davido, Anita Brown also took a pregnancy test and shared the result online to prove to the naysayers that she was indeed pregnant.

Some of her footprints online containing her n*des obtained by ENigeria Newspaper can be seen below:

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