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What Bode George said in response to working for Tinubu



Bode George issues scorecard on Tinubu's first few weeks as President

Bode George, a former deputy national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has denied claims that he would cooperate with President Bola Tinubu’s team if approached.

Bode insisted that “if Tinubu calls him, he will pray for Nigeria” and insisted that he had never stated it and would never do so.

The PDP leader asserted that individuals who accused him of making such a remark were being prankish.


On Monday, he clarified the matter while taking questions for the Morning Show on Arise Television.

It was widely reported recently that the elder statesman promised to work with Tinubu’s administration if asked to contribute his quota, contradicting a vow he made during the last presidential election to leave Nigeria if Tinubu emerged victorious.

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However, Bode George claimed that some persons had persuaded him to pay a congratulatory visit to Tinubu but that he rejected the request, insisting that although he would not disrespect Tinubu, he was not looking for any job.


“You know people in your profession can sometimes be mischievous. The guy who posted it in the Leadership Newspaper was not at the press conference, Bode George told a journalist.

“Now they asked me what I would do if Tinubu calls me and I said precisely that if he calls me, I will pray for Nigeria.

“Listen, I am not a flip-flopper by any profession. I retired as a general; what would he be calling me for?

“We don’t belong to the same party. If he wants to say, chief good morning and I say Mr President; that’s if all the court cases are over, we are still in the court.

“Even Papa Olusi came trying to convince me to go and pay a congratulatory visit to him, I said, No I can’t do that.


“Why would I be looking for any job? At least I won’t disrespect him, to put it in his own mind that I Bode George would be looking for a job at this time, some of these people put on their thinking caps and start spreading rumours. I have never said it and I will never say it. I am not looking for any job. If he calls, I can’t disrespect him. I never said that and I will never say that.”




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