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‘What a church where husbands offer their wives to pastor for sex!’



“There is nothing we cannot hear from pastors or men of God today. Some fake ones claim special closeness and communication with God, saying things that are widely untrue about God who does not tolerate impure things,” wrote a reader.

Disturbed about the level of impunity committed by these fake pastors, the reader asked: “How on earth can a pastor, Timothy Ngwu, the General Overseer of the Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity, claim it was the Holy Spirit that gave him the mandate to impregnate as many female members of the church as possible, irrespective of their marital status.

The reader asked in his piece: “What is Ngwu taking us for? How can we as Christians believe what he said “that he never had intercourse with any of the married women except their husbands concurred to the ‘request of the Holy Ghost’?

“And what an extensive immorality and criminality! The pastor had already been arrested by the Nigeria Police for allegedly impregnating 20 members of his church in Enugu.

“And what an effrontery, the pastor even proudly said that all the pregnant women and their unborn children are members of the church for life.

“His plans to build a commune like that of ‘Jesu of Onyingbo’ have surely failed and will never resurrect.”

The unhappy reader wondered: “Where is Nigeria headed and can the Holy Spirit endorse adultery and coerce husbands to offer their wives for sex with a randy pastor?

And he rounded off: “Well, any person can be deceived by such wicked and deceitful pastors, but not me, and all other true Christians who read and believe in the Bible.”


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