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Trinity Guy: Police May Lose Case Against Prank Star, Lawyer Reveals



Trinity Guy: Police May Lose Case Against Prank Star, Lawyer Reveals

Trinity Guy: An Abuja-based lawyer has revealed that there is a possibility that the Police may lose its case against the prank star, ENigeria Newspaper reports.

Reacting to the recent arrest and remand of Trinity Guy – real name, Abdullahi Maruf Adisa an internet prank star whose rise to fame has become controversial following his edgy pranks that got tongues wagging.


Trinity, who accepted the Oyo State Police Command’s invitation on Friday, said that he had an agreement with the parent of the minor before filming the act.
ENigeria Newspaper reports that the police invited the skit creator in relation to a prank video that featured a child.

“Popular content creator, Abdullahi Maruf Adisa, AKA Trinity, has been contacted and invited to the Oyo State Police Command in connection with the disturbing viral skit content making the rounds across the Social Media space concerning a female minor. Updates would be provided soon,” the command said on Thursday in a tweet.

The prank star who was detained on Friday had since been arraigned in court and detained in prison till the next hearing on July 11, 2023.


Magistrate PO Adetuyibi, while denying the bail application, stated that the allegation against the Skit maker is currently receiving the attention of the state Ministry of Justice.

The court also ordered that the parents of the little girl in the video be remanded alongside Trinity Guy till the next sitting.
The Magistrate, therefore, adjourned till July 11.
Reacting to the development, an Abuja-based lawyer, Pelumi Olajengbesi maintained that there are possibilities that the prosecution may lose its case against the prank star.

The incident involving the Trinity Prank Guy has ignited a fervent discussion within society, and its development holds profound implications for the greater good and this bears commentary.

The abhorrence and revulsion that permeate the minds of sane individuals when confronted with the video depicting the prankster and the innocent little girl are undeniable. Such actions go beyond the bounds of acceptability, warranting immediate attention and appropriate action.

In certain instances, the legal system may employ individuals or groups as scapegoats to rectify inherent societal injustices. In this particular case, commendation must be bestowed upon the police for swiftly apprehending the Prankster and initiating legal prosecution.


Moreover, one cannot overlook the grave moral deficiencies exhibited by the parents of the girl, who, if it is indeed true that they granted permission for the video, demonstrates a profound lack of ethical capacity to nurture and safeguard the well-being of their child. Consequently, removing the girl-child from such an environment becomes a necessary consideration.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to appreciate that the realm of criminal trials operates within a distinct framework. The outcome for the prankster may hinge upon the effectiveness of his legal team in deploying a comprehensive array of defenses.

Without knowledge of the specific charges levied against him, it is arduous to ascertain the potential legal consequences. Unless the charges are predicated upon strict liability offenses, there exists a tangible possibility that the prosecution’s case may crumble under the weight of legal scrutiny.

It remains imperative for the legal system to meticulously examine the evidence and ensure that justice prevails. Society at large must vigilantly monitor the progress of this case, as it serves as a focal point for an ongoing discourse regarding responsible prankster behavior and the well-being of children entangled in such dubious activities.
Through thoughtful reflection and collective engagement, we can strive for a society that safeguards its members from harm and upholds the principles of public decency, morality, and justice. He wrote.

Source: ENigeria Newspaper

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