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Tinubu cautions security agencies against conflicts, urges more collaboration



Tinubu cautions security agencies against conflicts, urges more collaboration

The service chiefs have received a harsh warning from President Bola Tinubu telling them to refrain from acting in opposition to one another and colliding with one another.

According to ENIGERIA, the president underscored the necessity for collaboration and emphasised that all security services needed to be working together.

President Tinubu recently discussed his approach to handling security concerns with the service chiefs, emphasising the implementation of modern security measures to improve the nation’s security environment.


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He declared security to be a primary priority for his government and pledged to protect the country from terrorism and all other criminal activity that endangers peace and stability.

“To effectively address this menace, we will reform both our security doctrine and its architecture,” the President stated.

“We will invest more in our security personnel, encompassing not only an increase in numbers but also providing better training, equipment, pay, and firepower.”


Addressing the State House correspondents, the National Security Adviser, Babagana Munguno, conveyed the President’s message, revealing that frequent consultations and comprehensive reforms are expected as part of the President’s mandate.

Additionally, President Tinubu mandated the security agencies to develop a blueprint to combat crude oil theft, indicating the need to adapt to changing times and requirements.

“All agencies must work to achieve one single purpose. Working at cross purposes and colliding with each other is not something that he will condone. He has made it very, very clear that all the security agencies must comply with the demands of coordination, with the demands of frequent consultations and also timely reports which must be acted on,” Mongono said on behalf of the President.





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