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Tecno Spark 10 Pro Product Review: Why the new Spark 10 pro is worth ‘dying for’



Tecno Spark 10 Pro Product Review Why the new Spark 10 pro is worth dying for

Tecno Spark 10 Pro Product Review: First-ever Glass Back Panel Design

Tecno Spark 10 Pro Product Review: Automatically focus tracking on you, from eyes to face to body

32MP Ultra-Clear Front Camera

In this Tecno Spark 10 Pro Product Review you would find out amazing new and wao features that distinct it from other previous designs and without mincing words, I can say indeed it is worth ‘dying for’, read on.

SPARK 10 Pro, its First-ever Glass Back Panel Design:

Yes, you heard right! The new Tecno Spark 10 Pro is the world’s first ever glass back panel design phone, adopting the unique starry glass. It is glossy, smooth and Natural to skin.

Tecno Spark 10 Pro Product Review Why the new Spark 10 pro is worth dying for

Tecno Spark 10 Pro

Smart Focus:

The wonder device or phone is equipped with automatic focus tracking on you, from eyes to face to body… Or even your pets!
It instantly focuses on the object as it’s detected. Now you would never miss a wonderful moment, even if it comes unexpectedly.

Self-Lighting for Perfect Selfie:

Do you know that the Spark 10 Pro is also called the Lighting Pro? Now here is why…
Picture that awkward moment you might want to talk a selfie with other phones and the environment is literarily dark and Lack the light you need for the perfect selfie? No worries! SPARK 10 Pro sparks it up for you with its artificial front camera lighting perfect for all selfies, anywhere, anytime and anyhow you want it.
Also, the built-in front flashlight offers 3 levels of adjustable brightness to suit different lighting needs. Bright or dark, it always captures your highlight moments.


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Soft Flashlight that illuminates…

Spark 10 plus has a soft flashlight light system that illuminates beauty without glaring in the eyes like other phones. The Super flash light algorithm is also in place to correct any overexposure. So, feel free to shine the way you are with the 32 mega pixel front camera of the Spark 10 plus and shine up your dazzling beauty, take breathtaking Selfies, capture your beauty, clear and vibrant, in or out of light.

It is worthy of note that the 32MP ultra-clear front camera technology is accompanied with the 4-in-1 remosaic technology – to maximize the light captured by each pixel, thus playing the magic of ultra-clear photography, even in low light. So, go ahead, capture more of the glamour in life, down to the smallest details.

Vlog in all Scenarios:

The Spark 10 Pro also comes with rich features to empower video creation so you can ahead and become the star in your life!
It is beautified, as you move, so you’re beautiful in motion, focus, with background blurred. So, you’re always the absolute star.
Backlight or dim light, the phone’s HDR significantly eliminates noises and improves video quality at night.

Tecno Spark 10 Pro Product Review Why the new Spark 10 pro is worth dying for

Tecno Spark 10 pro front and back view

G88 Gaming Processor:

With its pro technology, you can double down on Performance since the phone is designed for enthusiastic gamers, especially with its 8-core G88 gaming chip supercharged by the Gameturbo algorithm, paired up to support large-scale games on SPARK 10 pro.

Personalized Beautification:

Now you have options, great ones too and with them you are at liberty of break away from the “one-size-fits-all” beauty. This you can do enhancing your glamour from every imaginable dimension to restore the beauty that belongs only to you.
It learns and keeps your beautification needs in mind, polishing your natural beauty based on gender and a vast series of personal parameters, just like your personal stylist.

Super Night Algorithm – shots at night:

You are free to let out your nocturnal nature with SPARK 10 series! The Super Night algorithm integrates and aligns multiple frames in one shot to find the
perfect you, and the perfect night scene in the dazzles.
Get this night superpower phone for your superb night shots!

256GB ROM, 16GB RAM (8GB Extended RAM):

Vast memory, fast, flash, fluid. Memory capacity may vary by country of sale.
An extra 8GB of RAM for use, thanks to the memory Fusion technology. It guarantees the seamless experience on the phone. Apps run faster, smoother, even when multiple major apps are up in the background. Stuttering is no longer an issue.

6.8” FHD Display:

With 90HZ high refresh rate and a theatre-like visual experience.
Expand your experience and possibilities on a 6.8″ FHD optimally-sized large
screen. 90Hz high refresh rate, ultra-high-resolution display, and DCI-P3 color
gamut together adds up to an immersive theatrical visual experience on the phone.

5000mAh Super Battery, 18W Fast Charge:

With this special feature, you can stay in power long. Back in power fast.
Powerful enough to sustain long hours of gaming or phone calls. When running out
of power, plug in the 18W fast charger, and get back in business in no time.

Comfortable to hold in hand:

A world of glamour shimmers at your fingertips.
Capacious with vast memory to carry all your passion and love.
Equipped with all-needed glowing selfie technologies to shine you
up in any light setting.

These and much more are special features of the Spark 10 Pro but in the ratio of 1-10, ENigeria Newspaper would rate it 7 over 10.



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