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TECH ROUNDUP: WhatsApp announces editing feature



TECH ROUNDUP: WhatsApp announces editing feature
  • WhatsApp has announced an editing feature

  • The EU has slapped Meta with a record .3 billion privacy fine

  • Bolt has launched a drivers engagement centre in Kenya

  • IMF says that 98% of the digital wallets on Nigeria’s eNaira are unused 

WhatsApp has announced an editing feature to allow users to alter messages up to 15 minutes after they have been sent. The feature can be activated by pressing down on a message and selecting “edit” from the pop-up menu that appears.

Bolt has launched a drivers engagement centre to enhance its driver relations and address drivers’ concerns in Kenya, its first in the country.

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M-Pesa said it saw revenue increase on bank-to-mobile transactions by 25.7 per cent and a 13.9 per cent increase on mobile wallets to bank accounts transactions.


The Nigerian Presidential Election Petition Court has dismissed the PDP and Labour Party’s application to allow live streaming of the ongoing petition against the declaration of Bola Tinubu as the winner of the presidential election. 

IMF says that the adoption of Nigeria’s eNaira, has remained significantly low, with over 98% of the digital wallets unused, despite the country being Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest economy. 


The Oyo State government has introduced a mobile application for improving and tracking the collection of waste in the State called Mottainai- Waste & Recycling.


A Nairobi court has on Monday summoned Safaricom’s legal manager after the firm allegedly declined to give police access to seven M-Pesa lines belonging to embattled Pastor Ezekiel Odero and his church.

A Kenyan employee who worked on ChatGPT said that employees were exposed to “child sexual abuse material, erotic sexual content, illegal, nonsexual, including a passage that described a father having sex with an animal in front of his child; others involved scenes of child rape.”



The European Union has slapped Meta with a record $1.3 billion privacy fine and ordered it to stop transferring users’ personal information across the Atlantic by October, “This decision is flawed, unjustified and sets a dangerous precedent for the countless other companies transferring data between the EU and U.S.,” Nick Clegg, Meta’s president of global affairs, and chief legal officer Jennifer Newstead said in a statement. 

TikTok has filed a federal lawsuit against Montana in response to a recently passed state law that would ban the popular video service in the state.

Bill Gates said that AI technology could be the death of search engines. “You will never go to a search site again, you will never go to a productivity site, you’ll never go to Amazon again,” he said.

Uber’s head of diversity, Bo Young Lee, was put on leave after employees said that an event she organised for staff titled “Don’t Call Me Karen” was insensitive to people of colour.