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Suspect Entices Woman Via Facebook, Allegedly Rapes Her In Front Of Child



The 20-year-old man was reported to have raped a teenager in Cape Town, South Africa.


Police in Mpumalanga, Cape Town, have earned accolades for their actions in the days following the alleged rape of a teenage girl.

On Wednesday, Tshepo Nxumalo, 20, was indicted on two counts of rape and common assault and appeared in the Standerton Magistrate’s Court.

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According to police reports, Nxumalo is accused of using Facebook to entice his 17-year-old victim before raping her on March 25 in a mountainous location near Standerton.

The 28th of March, Tuesday, saw his arrest.

According to Colonel Selvy Mohlala, a spokesman for the provincial police, the victim and Nxumalo connected on Facebook.


“The two are said to have had some conversation which led to their meeting next to a mountain in Standerton on the said Saturday. The victim reportedly went along with her one-year-old child.

“Upon arrival, the suspect allegedly convinced the teenage girl that he needed to fetch her brother on the mountain top.

“They all went together, and on their arrival, it is alleged that he raped her in front of her child whilst recording a video using his cell phone,” Mohlala said.

It is alleged Nxumalo did not stop there. He further threatened the victim that he would circulate the video footage he took.

“The girl was allegedly raped by the man for the second time before he threatened to circulate the recordings he made via social media platforms should the lady decide to report the incident. Thereafter, the suspect fled the scene, and the matter was eventually reported to the police in Standerton, and the case was opened,” Mohlala said.


The case was immediately assigned to the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offence (FCS) Unit in Standerton for investigation.

They immediately began their pursuit of Nxumalo. After being seen in the Standerton area, he was subsequently taken into custody.

On April 13, 2023, the case against Nxumalo will be rescheduled so that he can submit a formal bail application.

He is required to stay in detention for the term, under the court’s order.