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Some Na Ashawo, Uche Ogbodo Reveal how some actresses make their money



uche ogbodo

Actress Uche Ogbodo has revealed how some of her female colleagues in the Nollywood industry make their money.

Numerous persons have remained curious about why female actors are typically richer than their male colleagues in the Nigerian film business over time.
Critics have continued to blame female entertainers and influencers, particularly those in the film industry, for contributing to moral decadence in society.

There has been a series of information from social media users among other stakeholders in and outside the entertainment industry, who have questioned the source of wealth of many female entertainers who continue to flaunt wealth on social media platforms.

ENigeria Newspaper reports that while critics believe there is more to what they do to make money aside from being actresses, others, including the male folks of the entertainment industry, alleged that many who claim to be actresses and influencers are bankrolled by wealthy men, who demand for their ‘bodies’.Some Na Ashawo Uche Ogbodo Reveal how some actresses make their money

In her reaction to the negative reports being hurled at her and some of her colleagues, Ogbodo said not every actress is on the street, stressing that some of them believe in hard work and being faithful to one partner.

Ogbodo revealed that truly some actresses are prostitutes, corroborating the thought of many who operate outside of the entertainment industry.

For the 36 year-old fair-skinned actress who recently tied the knot to her younger lover, Bobby Maris, while some others are contracted, “some na Ashawo”.

She stated further that actresses are like women generally, noting that some “nah ashawo while some believe in hard work and running different hustles. Some are contractors who get major deals running into millions of naira. I think people should stop generalizing and selling all actresses short.

“Some of us believe in dating one man and staying with him for more than five years whether he has money or not. We work hard because we don’t want to shame our family’s name,” she added.

The actress and mother of two from different men recently spoke up about her incurable medical condition, Urticaria, a skin condition also known as Hives.


Ogbodo had her first shot in the movie industry with an initial performance in Another Bondage in 2006 which shot her to limelight. Since then, she has been in movies including Four Sisters, Players, Your Holiness, Your Final Action, Honor My Will, The Laptop, and Royal Castle.


She was first married to Apo Arthur who was rumoured to be a much older man in 2013 and together they had a baby girl named, Mildred Chinagorom in 2014. The marriage which eventually ended in controversies saw the actress trying her hands at another marriage in 2021; this time with a much younger lover, Bobby Maris, and together they have another child Chimsimdiri Lumina Ugwoegbu in June 9, 2021.

Abandoned by men:

In a video clip on Instagram, Ogbodo questioned why many guys usually break up with female companions before they get married.
The actress questioned whether this is a choice that is frequently motivated by jealousy or whether it is just because the men in question also considered marrying their female acquaintances.

Ogbodo said in another section of the film that she had firsthand experience of the same thing with her male pals.
She claimed that it was so severe that some of them didn’t even send their congratulations after her marriage.


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