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Rivers APC Unhappy With Wike, Tinubu Relationship, Reports Emerge Over Ministerial Appointment



Rivers APC Unhappy With Wike, Tinubu Relationship, Reports Emerge Over Ministerial Appointment

In the months leading up to Tinubu’s inauguration as president and the creation of his cabinet inside the APC, the close relationship between Wike and Tinubu is upsetting party members.

The Governor worked for the national ruling party during the 2023 presidential election, in opposition to his own political party, the Peoples Democratic Party.

The rumours that the governor will soon join the ruling party have been strengthened as a result of this.


Prior to the PDP’s May 2022 presidential primary election, Wike was the party’s most dependable and powerful leader.

Nigerians won’t quickly forget the Governor’s pledge to support the party during voting at the convention held at the Moshood Abiola Stadium in Abuja.

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After the elections, he went a step further by inviting Tinubu to oversee projects in the oil-rich State.


However, on the same number of instances that Tinubu has visited Rivers State, either as a presidential candidate or as the President-elect, Chibuike Amaechi, a former governor of the State who finished second in the party’s presidential election in June 2022, has been notably absent.

Apart from being accused of rigging the presidential election in favour of the APC candidate, Wike has in words and actions shown that he was solidly behind Tinubu, before, during and after the elections.

Tinubu, during his recent visit to Rivers State, hailed the governor for working for his emergence, especially by weakening the PDP.

Prior to the PDP’s primary election, the governor, who claimed to be working for Southern presidency blocked the PDP from zoning the presidency because he realised that the South East would get the cut if the ticket was micro-zoned.

Speaking to media on these developments, a former Spokesman for the defunct new Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and chieftain of the APC in the South South, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze said, “Gov. Wike though a friend is a very confused and drowning fellow looking for whatever he can hold to survive but the future will surely determine his fate.


“Anybody worrying himself or herself about Wike and his type of politics probably has no serious task to do, so I wouldn’t like to waste my precious time to talk about a drowning man.

“Nigerians and the entire world are fully aware of the stand of Wike about both Buhari, Tinubu and APC, so if they feel after all that Amaechi sacrificed to build APC that Wike is their new Saviour, I wish them the best of luck. God will surely judge all our actions no matter the odds.”



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