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PHOTOS: Customs impound over 1000 bags of Poisonous Rice



PHOTOS: Customs impound over 1000 bags of Poisonous Rice
Customs impounded poisonous rice

Men of the Nigerian Customs have reportedly confiscated over 100 bags of poisonous rice as seen in pictures shared online.

ENigeria Newspaper reports that the Customs said over 1,000 bags of rice were poisonous foreign rice were seized by seized by its men in Ogun State who were on duty on Thursday.

Acting Comptroller, FoU, Zone A, Hussein Ejibunu, during a press conference said that the bags of parboiled rice came into Cotonou from India.

The bags of rice were smuggled into the country through Benin Republic Ejibunu said.

However, the Nigerian Customs have come under criticisms by Nigerians who express serious displeasure over the news.
For instance, a social media user, Osusha Loya wrote: “You should have simply labeled them smuggled rice instead of poisoned rice.


All these lying strategies to discourage people is no longer acceptable. We’re not toddlers”.

Manuel Woke also wrote: “How do we know they are poisonous?
Hope una no wan corner the rice for campaign”.

PHOTOS: Customs impound over 1000 Poisonous Rice


This is a developing story, ENigeria Newspaper will bring more updates soon.

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