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Reaction As Controversial Pastor Tobi Adegboyega Bails Actor Fadeyi Oloro with N3m



Reaction As Controversial Pastor Tobi Adegboyega Bails Actor Fadeyi Oloro with N3m

Controversial Pastor, Tobi Adegboyega bails actor, Fadeyi Oloro with N3million cash

ENigeria Newspaper reports that Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, the senior pastor of Salvation Proclaimers Anointed Church, also known as SPAC Nation, has given sick veteran actor Ojo Arowosafe, also known as Fadeyi Oloro, three million naira for medical care.
This came to light after the actor on Thursday asked Nigerians for financial support during a live Instagram session with Daddy Freeze.

Adegboyega added he grew up watching the actor, who frequently plays a native doctor, on television. stating, “I am very familiar with him. We all watched Baba Fadeyi Oloro (while growing up) even though I was young. He is a well-known actor in Africa.
asking Adegboyega how much he can provide out of the required three million naira, he said, “ I will give you the three million to give baba and we will still continue taking care of baba.”

Meanwhile, a social media user has to her social media page to call out the cleric.
Susie Retty wrote: “People are so gullible when they see money being spent and use it to hope it will come their way too. This so-called Pastor Adegboyega ripped off so many young people here in the UK. So were the young people lying? The man has robbed Peter to pay Paul but in paying Paul he becomes some people’s hero. So sad. He pays a famous man’s health bill, announces it but what of his victims? The young ones that many call liars cos their voice is not loud enough”.

ENigeria Newspaper recalls that last year, the United Kingdom Government shut down Pastor Tobi’s Salvation Proclaimer Ministries Church is popularly known as SPAC Nation.
SPAC Nation under the watch of Adegboyega was accused of lack of transparency and inability to account for £1.87 million.

There were reports that the cleric and one other spiritual leader, Mariam Mbula told their parishioners to raise £100,000 a week.

ENigeria Newspaper understands that the UK Government acted on a court order after it allegations by former church members that they had been financially exploited.