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LEAKED AUDIO: Pandemonium as EFCC Lawyer tackles judge during court session



LEAKED AUDIO: Pandemonium as EFCC Lawyer tackles judge during court session

A lawyer said to be under the employ of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has tackled a judge during a court session, ENigeria Newspaper reports.

In a leaked audio heard by ENigeria Newspaper which is also in circulation on the internet, the young lawyer was heard clearly tackling the judge for addressing him in a manner he finds rather unpleasant.
The Judge accused the lawyer of high-scale unprofessionalism and lies and said, “if you continue to lie like this you will not go places. Obvious lies, it’s not good for your image…

Following the pummeling, he received from the judge, the obviously furious lawyer objected and said he would not take such insults on his person.

EFCC Lawyer display in court, Netizens react

ENigeria Newspaper has collated reactions from netizens who came hard on the lawyer for his unruliness in open court.

“So, as EFCC dey do do up and down them no fit hire a lawyer that is well mannered and professional? I loved the way The Judge adressed the lawyer’s unprofessionalinty and ill manners such shouldn’t be tolerated”


Take your time to listen to this Audio and hear out how a supposed lawyer representing the #EFCC conducted himself in an unruly and ill-mannered way in court. I am really happy that the Judge put him in his place

It’s quite sad to listen to this audio and hear of #EFCC lawyer behaving so disrespectfully and being dishonest in a court towards the judge Efcc should do better honestly the judged asked a very important question who trained this lawyer
Wahala don burst Just laid my hands on a LEAKED AUDIO revealing how a Lagos High court judge blast a young lawyer representing the EFCC for dishonesty and lack of professionalism in court.

Listen to this 👇 and you will agree with me that the lawyer representing the #EFCC was in the wrong. You don’t go to the law court and act out of line not even when you’re a lawyer. He was totally unprofessional.


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