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Lagos-Ibadan Expressway still shutdown, monarch speaks



Lagos-Ibadan Expressway still shutdown, monarch speaks

Activities around Lagos-Ibadan expressway remains grounded as Nigerian students insists on blocking the highway in protest.

On Tuesday, the National Association of Nigeria Students – NANS staged a protest alongside students from several universities in the country along Lagos-Ibadan expressway leaving commuters stranded on the road.
ENigeria Newspaper reports that commuters spent over 10 hours on a journey which should ordinarily not be more than thirty minutes.

NANS insisted that the protest will continue for as long as the federal government refuses to resolve the issue causing the strike action.

The students have become uncomfortable with awry development and have decided to stand up to the system that has remained reluctant in tackling the issue of strike.

Caught in the gridlock was the Olowu of Kuta in Osun State, Oba Adekunle Oyelude, Tegbosun 111, whose convoy was heading for Lagos.

Lagos-Ibadan Expressway still shutdown, monarch speaks


Oba Oyelude, who addressed the students, commended the orderly manner that they conducted themselves.
He urged the Federal Government and ASUU to find a way of resolving the crisis as the students had stayed long at home doing nothing.

But the protesting students, in a statement by the Coordinator, South-West Zone and National Public Relations Officer of NANS, Messrs Adegboye Emmanuel and Giwa Temitope respectively, said the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government has failed in its promise to revamp education.

“As it is today, no higher institution in Nigeria is world-class. Yet, our so-called public servants travel all over the world spending billions of dollars to send their kids abroad for studies.

“As major stakeholders in the education sector, we are the ones who can save ourselves. We have monitored the yearnings of students from campus to campus through their social media platforms and also in their public writings. Students all over Nigeria stand with ASUU. Our lecturers suffer the same hardships and mal-developments we suffer. The staff houses are as bad as the students’ hostels. In South Africa, a professor’s laboratory is far more equipped than that of any university in Nigeria.

“History has been killed and undermined, so we the youths, do not know where we are coming from not to talk of knowing where we are headed. But we will not lament anymore. The new leadership of NANS is here to work with students to achieve our set aims and objectives. We believe that the student movement has its place in history. It is a task that we vow to fulfil. We will never let Nigerian students down.”


Commuters are advised to seek alternative route as till this moment, Lagos-badan Expressway remains shut down and activities grounded.

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