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Glamour Girls – The Movie review, by Becky Madojemu



Glamour Girls - The Movie review, by Becky Madojemu
Glamour Girls Movie

Glamour Girls, the much-anticipated Netflix original movie has now been released officially on the movie streaming platform, ENigeria Newspaper reports.

ENigeria Newspaper reports that Glamour Girls is a 1994 Nollywood blockbuster movie which starred several Nollywood heavyweights including Liz Benson, Ngozi Ezeonu, Eucharia Anuobi, Pat Attah, Ernest Obi, and Zack Orji, among others. It was directed by Chris Onwuka and written by Kenneth Nnebue.

ENigeria Newspaper reports that movie streaming platform, Netflix announced via its Twitter page a month ago that the remake of Glamour Girls would premiere on its platform exactly June 24, 2022.

Nse Ikpe-Etim, Sharon Oja, Joselyn Dumas, and Toke Makinwa, among other talented actors from both the old and modern Nollywood are in the Chika Onukwufor’s Glamour Girl remake.
Since the film’s premiere, Internet users have not ceased criticizing it, claiming that when compared to its original release, it falls below par.

ENigeria Newspaper reproduces below a review of the movie written by Becky Madojemu.


“The much anticipated Nigerian movie, Glamour Girls is now on Netflix.

If you recall Ken Nnebue’s Glamour Girls released in the early years of Nollywood, you would understand why folks like me were anxiously looking forward to what you may call the millennial version.

Spoiler alert: Dem nor try at all.



The plot?
S.h. ame- less .ly unimaginative. Far from riveting. Devoid of intrigues. There was no real suspense; just one bland scene giving way to another for two hours and some.

The dialogue?
Shallow, basic, depthless, witless and humorless.

The costumes?
I don’t even know what to say. Toke Makinwa should have worn her own clothes, the edgy pieces she parades on Instagram. The things they put her in made her very untokeish. Almost like she was in a low-budget Yoruba VHS film.

Then, who placed one of those long feminine beads street traders hawk in Balogun market around Ejike Asiegbu’s neck? They even added three strings of plastic coral waist beads for volume. The producers didn’t care a hoot that it was a billionaire’s role.


In fact, the costumier get mind o. Some clothes wey dem wear just be like needle-work or 2010 Okirika collections.

The Cinematography and Directing?
I’ll keep is simple. Comparable to an Instagram skit devoid of humour.

The Cast?
Nse Ikpe Etim, Toke Makinwa and Joselyn Dumas were the “stars”.
I added the quotes cos las las, everybody turn wakapass for the movie. Consequently, no one brought their A game. I repeat, no one! Blame it on the aforementioned points.
However, I was impressed that Gloria Anozie Young of the original Glamour Girls and veteran actress, Dolly Unachukwu were given cameo roles.

The screenplay writer forgot that the concept of Glamour Girls is about women seducing men of means. I expected the remake to feature babes flying private jets, indulging in body enhancement, going to Dubai, Maldives etc, trying to own or keep luxurious mansions, plus excessive usage of kayamata which is a coded trend.


Don’t forget in the original, a lady washed kpekus inside water to cook soup in order to charm a man. But it seemed the writer was busy eyeing Blood Sisters, maybe that explains why Nse’s character was as cold as Kate Henshaw’s in that series.

In conclusion, the whole arrangement including the deafening music scores that distracted all the conversations, sort of suggest that the production was hurried. I suspect everything was shot in three days and rehearsals did not happen.

The movie has only one selling point; the title, Glamour Girls”.

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