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Folake Abiola Biography, cause of death, age, family…



Folake Abiola Biography, cause of death, age, family…
Folake Abiola Accountant

Folake Abiola biography is curated and published here by ENigeria Newspaper and contains some vital information about the Lagos accountant who committed suicide.

Name:                           Folake Abiola
Age:                              45 years-old
Marital status:              Single
Occupation:                 Accountant
Place of work:              Globacom Telecommunications

ENigeria Newspaper broke news of the death Globacom’s accountant, Folake Abiola in a publication that has now gone viral.
Folake Abiola is said to have quit two relationships and decided to be on her own. According to a close friend of the diseased, she barely spoke to other people, always quiet, generous and said to be a lover of Christ.

Folake Abiola Biography: Family, Religion, burial
Folake Abiola is said to be a devout Christian. ENigeria Newspaper understands that she is the only Christian in her family which explains why she was buried the same day she died at her residence in Osakpa London, Lekki Lagos, Nigeria.
Benjamin Hundeyin, the state Police Public Relations Officer, said cops went to Abiola’s house and found her body on the floor.

“As soon as the police in that region were alerted, they rushed to the scene and found the woman lifeless on the floor,” Hundeyin said. A bottle of insecticide was seen beside her body, which she had obviously taken.


The family members who were present sent a formal letter to the divisional police officer requesting that the corpse be released so that they may bury her according to Islamic traditions, and the corpse was given to the family on compassionate grounds.”

Folake Abiola Biography: Cause of death
A close friend of late Folake Abiola disclosed to newsmen that the diseased battled mental health issue for years and it was so bad. She even spoke of ending it all just days to the ugly incident.

“Abiola had been depressed for years, and the news of her death was surprising,” said a coworker of the dead who talked to our correspondent on the condition of anonymity.

Folake Abiola Biography: Husband, Boyfriend, Sex
There were indications that at age 45, Folake had no husband, boyfriend as such she had allegedly been lonely – never had sex in seven years.


Debunking the report, the deceased’s friend said, “her associates knew that she had been in romantic relationships”, adding that she ended them due to depression.

“She’d been depressed for years, and her death had nothing to do with loneliness, a lack of a partner, or a lack of sex.” “I know she’s been in two relationships in the last seven years.” Because of her despair, she discontinued those relationships on her own. She stated that she did not want to bring another person into her life if she was unable to care for herself. She was suffering from severe depression, but others who had no idea what she was going through were spreading rumors online.

The woman Folake Abiola by friends:
Colleagues characterized Abiola as an angel, a meticulous accountant, and a Christ-follower who was generous in donating, adding that she had been expressing her want to end it all before taking her own life.

“She recently celebrated her 45th birthday. She was not talking to people; she always kept to herself,” the source added.



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