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Deborah Samuel Tweet: Jamil Abubakar sets the record straight



Deborah Samuel Tweet: Jamil Abubakar sets the record straight

Captain Jamil Abubakar has set the record straight regarding the controversial Deborah Samuel tweet which he says was blown out of proportion, ENigeria Newspaper reports.

Captain Abubakar in a press statement made available to ENigeria Newspaper reiterated his tweet was taken out of proportion and the publication by Punch Newspaper did not help matters.

He further tweeted, “Religion is a temper flaring zone. I know emotions are running wild. A lot of people read my tweets without understanding me, which is normal. “The headline” didn’t help either. Have never advocate for one’s life to be taken or people taking matters into their own hands”.

READ his official press statement obtained and published below by ENigeria Newspaper…

Our attention is drawn to a publication by Punch Newspaper 24 hours ago, suggesting that Captain Jamil Abubakar is in support of the gruesome killing of Deborah Samuel, a student of Shehu Shagari college of Education Sokoto, and the Editors note to it thereafter.


Customarily, we would have resorted to silence to let the gathering tension to dissipate gradually, but these are perilous times, and wicked people love to take advantage of moments like this.
Given the sensitive nature of the situation, we are therefore compelled to make this statement.

To begin with, it is necessary to mention for the avoidance of doubts that Captain Jamil Abubakar is a devout Muslim who is proud of his faith, but his tweets in no way implied brazen support for the murder of Deborah Samuel or anyone else.

He sent out a series of tweets outlining the Islamic and Christian views of blasphemy, as well as stating that while Islam has rules and regulations in place to oversee people’s behavior and motives, only sharia courts or government are in best position to handle matters like blasphemy.


We have however observed that despite Punch Newspaper’s updated publication/Editor’s Note which goes a long way to clarify the facts as they were after a closer look at the tweets and the implication of their earlier publication that has now garnered a lot of traction online, most news organizations have deliberately continued to broadcast false information about Captain JAMIL condoning the illegal killing, as well as misinterpreting the entire concept behind the tweet hence, mocking and defaming his hard-won reputation.

While we advise the general public to discard the false publications, we are also, hereby sounding this final note of warning to all media organization, blogs, social media influencers etc, to desist from propagating the lies as we would not fail to take immediate legal action forthwith.

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We want to state categorically here that Captain Jamil, is a law-abiding citizen and a true Muslim; and for what its worth, he will not support or be a part of any organization that supports jungle justice or any conduct that does not promote the rule of law.


Our appreciation goes to friends and family of Captain Jamil who have shown capacity, understanding and support through this ordeal.