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VIDEO: China Raining Worms, Citizens told to Find Shelter



China Raining Worms Citizens told to Find Shelter

China raining worms, citizens were told to find shelter, in a video seen by ENigeria Newspaper.

  • China Raining Worms amid controversy

  • Some say news of China raining worms is incorrect

  • China raining worms as seen in the video below

Although many argue it, saying “these are not worms. When poplar trees are about to bloom, the poplar flower spikes start to fall”.

A video of what appears to be worms falling from the sky has stunned the internet – but all is not as it appears.

Cars are shown in the video, covered in worm-like objects after heavy rain in China.
A logical explanation for the squirmy rain has emerged online.

Responding to a tweet of the viral video, one user commented that the objects falling from the sky in China are not caterpillars “but inflorescences of poplar trees”.
An inflorescence is a cluster of flowers.

“When poplar flower spikes start to fall, it means that they are about to bloom,” the user said.

The explanation has been flagged as context to the original viral tweet.
Videos of the phenomenon have wracked up hundreds of thousands of views online, with many in the comments pointing out the logical explanation.

But that hasn’t stopped viewers from stating it’s their “worst nightmare”.
“Nah I’d never leave the house again,” one person commented on a TikTok about the incident.

“Going outside??? Hell no,” said another.
Many comments echoed this sentiment, with one person saying “I would neverrrr leave my housee” while another simply said “I would cry”.


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