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Chacha Eke Biography, marriage, Eve Esin, Apostle Suleiman, career, controversies and all



Chacha Eke Biography, marriage, Eve Esin, Apostle Suleiman, career, controversies and all

Charity Chinonso Eke – famously known as Chacha Eke is a Nigerian actress from Ebonyi State who had her big break upon starring in the movie The End is Near in 2012.

Early Life and Education
Charity Chinonso Eke (Chacha Eke) had her basic education at ESUT Nursery & Primary School in Ebonyi State, and completed her secondary school education at Our Lord Shepherd International School in Enugu. She graduated from Ebonyi State University with a B.Sc degree in accountancy.

A very unique symbol of Chacha Eke or Chacha Eke Faani is a crying ability in movies. In fact, she is very well known for her crying roles in movies,

Chacha Eke Faani – Journey to Stardom
During the Miss Nollywood Talent Hunt Show in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria, in 2009, Chacha Eke indicated interest and joined the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood). She began attending movie auditions after the competition and has since appeared in a few of the films.

Chacha Eke Faani – Parents:
According to information sourced from Wikipedia, Chacha Eke Faani is the first daughter of Mr and Mrs John Eke. Her father is a professor while her mother is a lawyer and business woman. His father Professor John Eke is a former Commissioner for education in Ebonyi State.


He was appointed Ambassador and rescue Marshal of the United Nations Economic and Social Council and United Nations Rescue Services in 2021.

Chacha Eke Biography, marriage, Eve Esin, Apostle Suleiman, career, controversies and all


Chacha Eke – Husband
Chacha married to Austin Ikechukwu Faani from Anambra State in 2013 and together they had four children three girls and a boy. Austin Faani, a Nollywood film editor turned movie director.
Austin is also credited to have given the actress the opportunity to rise quickly in the Nigerian movie industry called Nollywood.

However, in 2020, Chacha Eke-Faani, first announced the end of her marriage to shock of many of her fans and followers and subsequently made a-turn and it appeared as though all was great for the celebrity couple again
But in June, 2022, she took to her instagram account, again to announce the end of her marriage, the actress wrote, “LEAVE NOW ALIVE OR LEAVE AS A CORPSE ??”

The actress who has grown a huge fanbase and following both on and offline continued, “Many have died pretending all is well whilst wishing, hoping and praying for a better tomorrow”.
The mother of four who has before now raised an alarm over her marriage and then recanted says “I don’t want to “die” or go inexplicably “missing”.



Kamara Faani, Kaira Faani, Nnannaya Faani Jnr. Her last child, Diamond Kamdilichuwku Faani was born on April 24, 2021. Although she was alleged to have had a child for an older man in Port Harcourt before marrying Austin Faani.

Actress Eve Esin and Chacha Eke
There were strong indications that Chacha Eke’s godmother, actress Eve Esin, relocated her from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, where she was allegedly going through a difficult time.


Before breaking into Nollywood, Chacha was rumored to have been Eve’s personal assistant. According to an anonymous Instagram user named Gistlover, Chacha Eke was allegedly the reason for with Eve Esin and Austin Faani’s relationship breakdown before she went ahead marry him, which led to animosity between the two actresses.

Apostle Suleiman and Chacha Eke
Once more, Gistlover blew open a box of worms about Chacha Eke, including rumors of her alleged extramarital relationship with Apostle Suleiman, a contentious cleric and preacher.
There were rumors that Austin Faani and Chacha Eke had an open marriage, allowing both parties to have flings as long as the family is taken care of.

Additionally, according to Gistlover, the actress was one of the women who received housing gifts from Apostle Suleiman in addition to cash and other lavish presents.

Undone, the anonymous blogger also asserted that Austin Faani, whose wife is aware of his sexual orientation (gay), pimps her for affluent men in exchange for money while taking care of the home when she is gone.


Known Source of income
Acting, Brand influencing, Entertainment Business

• The End is Near
• Commander in Chief
• Clap of Thunder
• Two Hearts
• Beach 24
• Gift of Pain
• A Cry for Justice
• Jewels of the Sun
• Bloody Carnival
• Cleopatra
• Dance For The Prince
• Mirror of Life
• Innocent Pain
• Bridge of Contract
• Palace of Sorrow
• Secret Assassins
• Royal Assassins
• The Promise
• Valley of Tears
• Village Love
• Weeping Angel
• Rosa my Village Love
• My Rising Sun
• My Sweet Love
• Secret Palace Mission
• Stubborn Beans
• Bitter Heart
• Shame to Bad People
• Beauty of the gods
• Pure Heart
• Rope of Blood
• Hand of Destiny
• Lucy
• Sound of Ikoro
• Omalicha
• Bread of Sorrow
• Basket of Sorrow
• Festival of Sorrow
• Kamsi the Freedom Fighter
• Pot of Riches
• Girls at War
• Crossing the Battle Line
• Money Works With Blood
• Happy Never After
• Who Took My Husband
• Roasted Alive
• Song of Love
• My Only Inheritance
• Royal First lady
• Beyond Beauty
• After the Altar
• Bloody Campus
• Princess’s Revenge
• ’’My Last Blood’’

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