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Buhari has finished Femi Adesina | e-nigeria!
Femi Adesina

Prior to 1995 when Mr. Femi Adesina held his first title as Features Editor of National Concord, not many may have predicted his rise in life, talk more of occupying a seat in Aso Rock as a presidential spokesman.

Caricature of Femi Adesina smoking weed | e-nigeria!

Caricature of Femi Adesina smoking weed | e-nigeria!

Like a shining star, his sojourn into greatness set off; he rose from Features Editor in the now rested Concord newspaper to become Deputy Editor, Editor of same paper, Editor, Daily Sun, Executive Director, Publications, The Sun Newspapers, Deputy Managing Director, and later Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief of the Sun Newspapers.

In the above paragraphs, I simply gave you a rundown of the life of a man once loved by the people for his craft, a wordsmith, soft spoken and humble not a few were overawed by his calm mien, perceived to be highly religious, that was Femi Adesina,

Enter 2015 when Adesina became spokesman for President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerians were excited and of course not without expectations. Many expected him to bring on board same professionalism and compassion he was known for in his journalism days; alas the direct opposite happened, said some disappointed twitter users

Adesina’s popularity as Buhari’s spokesman soared at first but soon headed for a nosedive from the minute Nigerians began to lose faith in their president and his spokesperson who tries so hard to twist facts just to earn his pay.

Buhari's spokesman Femi Adesina | e-nigeria!

Buhari’s spokesman Femi Adesina | e-nigeria!

Ordinarily it should be expected, when hardship began to bit harder with the number of hailers jumping ship to join the wailers association, Adesina was not going to be left out of the equation, but he made things even more difficult for himself.

Soon the man everyone admired began to ooze some odoriferous utterances that portrayed him an enemy of the people. His comments and body language on television connotes that of a heartless man with no conscience, who ascended a height and tossed the same ladder that got him there. Even most of his friends fell apart with him but for the hypocritical hailers who feed on his crumbs.

In this new age a presidential spokesman, whose primary assignment or duty is to speak for the first citizen of Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria, Adesina is meant to be a social media ‘Super man’ his popularity on social media should be second to none; from Facebook to twitter and Instagram. it is not out of place for his comment section to regularly buzz with comments like it did in 2015, 2016 and a bit in 2017.

Recall that back in 2015and a few years that followed, Mr. Adesina was a popular Facebook user; the comments section of his profile page was everyone’s ‘second home’. He would record hundreds of comments shortly after making a post, not to mention hundreds and thousands of shares too; the likes were countless and expectedly so.

However in contrast, Adesina since lost his premium on social media. For instance, even though he is still in office, a popularity test revealed that his Facebook page is one of the least visited in recent times. His comments section has since shrank to single figures in most cases and only double figures at best. (See herein screen shots of some of his recent posts)

Twitter is no better; the app users would troll and drag him on his boxers over reckless and spurious public comments including his awkward position on burning issues in the country. So frustrated he has become lately that he named Twitter users, ‘sons of anger’. The calculation is simple, Femi Adesina lost his credibility for always speaking from the both sides of his mouth.

In the words of a former White House Spokesperson Mike McCurry, “press secretaries need “a sense of humor, enormous patience, an ability to speak and write quickly, and an uncompromising attitude about the truth. “Credibility,” he says, “is the single most important asset of the spokesperson.”

“It is vital that the spokesperson maintain his or her credibility and that of the boss. To be effective, a press secretary must be believed by the press; he or she won’t be believed if past answers have proven misleading. “The government media effort doesn’t work when the spokesperson is not trusted

by the media or is frozen out from the information flow within the government,” says former press secretary Sheila Tate.

The Keyword there is CREDIBILITY. In recent times has Femi Adesina proven to be a credible source of information? I’m sure he’s no different from that Informat

ion Minister with less 21st century information; the one that chews Lai, swallows and spits it out without a second thought.

Very recently, I read a piece from Adesina that he titled, “WE HAVE DIFFERENT PATHS TO TREAD IN LIFE”. He said, “Why have I decided to write this piece? The ill will,

malediction I hear from some tiny, envious quarters. He is now anti-people, because he’s S.A to the President. He will go down. He will come back to meet us, unheralded, unsung. He will be uncelebrated. Really? I

dey laff. Who are they talking about? Me? No. It can’t be me, because my destiny was long hidden in Christ and in God”. End of quote.  

Now let me say this in conclusion, saying that Oga Adesina easily gave himself away in that piece of write up like someone in a panic mode is a no-brainer, because there are strong indications that the man is truly concerned about life after office, giving the woeful failure of his principal among other issues. His case is that of a man who squandered his hard earned goodwill currency.


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