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Bishop Isaac Idahosa Biography, wife, multi billion-naira church, net worth, children…



Bishop Isaac Idahosa Biography, wife, multi billion-naira church, net worth, children...

Bishop Isaac Idahosa has emerged as vice Presidential Candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party – below is Bishop Isaac Idahosa’s biography and profile.

The NNPP which is founded by Rabiu Kwankwaso a former governor of Kano State, announced on Thursday that Bishop Isaac Idahosa will serve as the running mate of its founder who is also coincidentally running for president in the 2023 election.

The NNPP reportedly made the announcement on Twitter using the account belonging to its campaign organization.

The announcement came amid the heated debate caused by the flagbearer of the All Progressives Congress – Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s choice of a Muslim (Kashim Shetima) as his running mate ahead of the 2023 election.

Who is Bishop Isaac Idahosa?


Isaac Idahosa popularly known as Bishop Isaac Idahosa is an Edo State born cleric and founder of Illumination Assembly, a Pentecostal Church headquartered at Lekki Light Center (LLC), Ajah, Lagos.
Below are some quick facts about Bishop Isaac Idahosa the man who would be Kwankwaso’s running mate in the forthcoming election

Name:                         Isaac Idahosa
Date of birth:              Feb 8, 1965
Place of Birth:             Mina, Niger State
Age:                            57
Marital status:            Married
Wife:                           Christie Idahosa
Children:                    Christabel and Osagie

Religion:                     Christianity
Occupation:               Cleric/Preacher

Isaac Idahosa (Bishop Isaac Idahosa) is a Cleric, a gospel singer, writer, and motivational speaker is popularly known as ‘Prophet Talk Na Do’ by his followers.


It is widely perceived that late Arch Bishop Idahosa is the biological father Isaac Idahosa since they bear same surname, however, in an exclusive interview with ENigeria Newspaper years back he had explained that he is
not a biological son of the late fiery preacher who died in 1998, though both
of them are from the same state, Edo State Nigeria.

Bishop Isaac Idahosa Biography, profile, Net Worth et al
Below are all there is to know about Kwankwaso’s running mate Bishop Isaac Idahosa of Illumination Assembly

The first time Idahosa was invited to Preach:
Responding to interview questions, Bishop Isaac Idahosa said, “the first time I got an invitation to come and preach in Cotonou, the capital of Republic of Benin, it was like an open door for me.

I came from Minna to Lagos, with the intention of boarding a flight to Cotonou. I didn’t know I could travel to Cotonou by road. A tithe which was paid by one of my members then, who is now a pastor in one of the churches in Minna, actually helped in setting up my ministry. Even though, God later told me that the money was not meant for me. Also, during that period, I was invited to come and preach in Zaria where many souls were saved.”


Bishop Idahosa on Relocation to Lagos:
“After some years, God directed me to move the church to the South-West. That’s how I came to establish my church in Lagos. I first established my church in Surulere, before moving it to Ajah area of Lagos, where the church is now headquartered.”

The first time he was invited to preach overseas
“The first overseas country I travelled to, as a minster of God, was Jamaica. It was sponsored by one of the daughters. Today however, I have travelled far and wide, spreading the gospel of salvation to so many major countries of the world.”

“In God’s words, he gave me anointing, grace and favour, but he warned me to beware of love of money, opposite sex and pride. According to him, these three things can destroy a man any day. It has been my watchwords, and I thank God for his mercies and grace upon my life. My father used to say to us, “you can control nature but you can cheat nature.” If I decide to go to the beach today with my family, people will raise eyebrow. They forget that I’m also a human being like them. There was a time I visited one of the fast foods in Ikeja, with my family. Instead of enjoying myself there, I ended up praying for people who gathered round me.

Serving God comes with a lot of challenges and denials. I’m also a musician. I have three albums to my credit. I released my debut album titled “Don’t give Up” in 1998, in Germany, followed by second and third albums. I didn’t attend any school of music. Music runs in the blood of my family.


Isaac Idahosa Biography (Net Worth)
Although there is no public information as regards his exact net worth, ENigeria Newspaper can emphatically say that Bishop Isaac Idahosa is arguably one of richest pastors in Nigeria.

With rough estimate of his ministry to be worth over billions, he threw a whopping over 2 billion naira in constructing a 10,000-seater magnificient church auditorium along Addo-Langbasa Road, Ajah, Lagos.

Bishop Isaac Idahosa’s Church, which took the space of Kris Okotie’s Household of God Church that boasts of a large number of celebrity membership is believed to be worth well over N3 billion.

Bishop Isaac Idahosa Biography, wife, multi billion-naira church, net worth, children...


Bishop Isaac Idahosa background

Bishop Isaac Idahosa’ biography
Bishop Isaac Idahosa is the presiding Bishop and the seniour pastor of God First Ministry, popularly known as Illumination Assembly, Lekki Light Centre (LLC), Ajah, Lagos. A church he started more than 25 years ago with few members at the City of Minna in Niger State. He has been married to his wife, for 22years and they are both blessed with two lovely children, Christabel and Apostle. He is a Preacher, Gospel Singer with three albums to his credit, Writer, Inspirational Speaker among many others.


Bishop Isaac Idahosa, who is called ‘Prophet Talk Na Do’ by his admirers, was decorated by the Lagos State Government as one of the few Mayors of the Lagos State Traffic Management (LASTMA). He also received a United Nations Peace Ambassadorial award, for his immense contributions to the growth of humanity and peaceful co-existence through evangelism and Pentecostalism.

Isaac Idahosa, who gave his life to Jesus Christ in 1979, was born in the predominantly Muslim north, precisely in Minna, Niger State, where he and his siblings and me grew up. He had his formal education there and enjoyed scholarship up to the university level in Niger State.

Young Isaac Idahosa, who said he was influenced by those great men of God who were then coming to the north to preach the gospel of salvation to the people in crusades and seminars, began serving God at a very tender age and in 1985, he went to Soul Clear Bible College ‘to acquire deep knowledge of God’.
Idahosa is a well qualified Mechanical Engineer with all it requires for him to secure a lucrative job, however, after his graduation, according to him, he lost his peace because that wasn’t what he was destined to do. The Lord spoke to him about pioneering a work for him, after which he went into fasting and praying to get more instructions from God.

The story behind Illumination Assembly
He started out his ministry, God First Ministry at Minna with just 50kobo. “I remembered approaching one of our family friends then called Idowu Maya, said in an interview. “I shared my vision with him and he offered to give me his boys-quarters to start my ministry. I was there with my guitar and I was playing this guitar everyday to the point where I started attracting the attention of neighbours and students in the neighbourhood.”


“After a while, the boys-quarters could no longer contain the congregation and the Maya’s family decided to give me their living room. But despite the gesture, our population was increasing by the day. At that point, I told Mr Idowu Maya that I was going to rent a two-bedroom apartment. I found one for N6,000, and remember, I had only 50kobo,so I left disappointed. However, on my way, I saw an abandoned building with an inscription on the wall that read: ‘Gods own house’. Immediately, the Lord told me this is where I want you to start your ministry.

“I made enquiries about the owner of the abandoned property, I was told that it was owned by one Barrister Shadare who died mysteriously in connection with a case he handled in court. He ran mad and thereafter died mysteriously. I also learnt that the next and last person that occupied the said house died in the same manner. So, when I indicated my interest in moving into the apartment, the people were full of fairs but I was not in doubt of the words of God because my name Idahosa implies hearing from God. Thus, I was directed to see the then former Chief Justice of Niger State who was in charge of the property. I met him, and he obliged me the request to move into the building FREE-OF-CHARGE!

“I immediately gathered my student-members and neighbours who helped me to clear the area. I moved into the building with a single-spring-bed given to me by Mr Maya in 1989. While living in the house, I would go into the bush to take my bath and to ease myself.
“Today, I preach loudly and faster because of the way I started. Then, I had no money to procure a microphone or a speaker. I used to preach, using a microphone that was connected to a stereo-cassette.”

Bishop Isaac Idahosa Biography, wife, multi billion-naira church, net worth, children...


Isaa Idahosa and his opulent lifestyle
General Overseer of God First Ministry, popularly known as Illumination Assembly, Bishop Isaac Idahosa is arguably one of the classy and wealthy clergy in Nigeria.

The handsome bishop whose ministry is tagged Celebrity Church, parades a N2.5 billion ministry.
His N1.5 billion 10,000-seater auditorium along Addo-Langbasa Road, Ajah, Lagos, is ready.
The new auditorium would serve as his new headquarters when commissioned this year. A close source to the bishop informed ENCOMIUM Weekly that he splashed over N1 billion on the project. The reason is that the acres of land he acquired were reclaimed at Ajah, Lagos.


We learnt he also acquired another multi million naira property around Ajah too recently. Insiders alleged that he invested heavily on property and ICT.

That explains the N100 million auditorium he reportedly erected at Surulere axis in Lagos. He also commissioned a multi-million naira auditorium at Okota, Lagos. This also serves as one of his branches. Amongst his multi-million naira properties, the branch at Minna, Niger State is acclaimed the biggest. It is an ultra-modern edifice. The reason is not unconnected with the fact that he started his ministry from there.

The soft-spoken clergy also invested in health centres. The health centres are directly under the supervision of the church. He has the main health centre at Ajah near the ministry’s headquarters.
In fact, Bishop Idahosa is widely known as Pastor of Celebrities. A lot of Nollywood stars grace his ministry and he holds special services for them.

The reason is that he is also an entertainment loving bishop with three hit gospel albums and the popular one is Don’t Give Up. These albums have net several millions for him due to his widespread influence.
He lives well and loves the good things. He lives in one of the most expensive estates in Ajah. He rides a Lincoln Navigator, Range Rover and has five SUV automobiles.


However, his rise to success is quite remarkable as he started his ministry with 50 kobo. In his interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly in 2012, he narrated his humble beginning.

“I gave my life to Jesus Christ in 1979 and in 1985, I went to the bible college called Soul Clear Bible College. I read Mechanical Engineering but after my graduation, I lost my peace because that’s not my destiny. The Lord ministered to me about pioneering a work for Him.

At that point, I went into fasting and prayer to get more directive from God. I started my ministry called God First Ministry at Minna, Niger State. I had no money and the only money on me was 50 kobo. I remember approaching one of our family friends, Idowu Maya and he offered me his boy’s quarters to begin my ministry. I was there with my guitar every day until I started attracting neighbours and students in that area.

After a while, the boy’s quarters could no longer accommodate us. At that point, I told Maya that I was going to rent a two-bedroom apartment. He thought I had enough money to pay for the accommodation, not knowing that I had nothing on me. Eventually, we found one and I was to pay N6,000 but I had only 50 kobo on me. On my way, I saw an abandoned building with an inscription on the wall, God’s own house. I narrated my ordeal to the Maya family and they laughed at me.


While I was trying to contact the owner of the property, I discovered it was owned by one Barrister Shadare, who died mysteriously in connection with a case he handled in court. He ran mad and died thereafter. I learnt that the next person that occupied that house also died in same manner. Thus, when I indicated my interest in moving into the apartment, the people were full of apprehension. I was directed to see the then former Chief Justice of Niger state who was in charge of the property. I met him and he obliged me to move into the building free of charge. Thus, I moved in in 1989.”

Today, the ministry has blossomed into a mega church. In September 2012, international gospel star, Ron Kennelly was among the special guests invited for the 23rd anniversary of Bishop Idahosa’s Illumination Assembly Church in Minna, Niger State.

His honorarium per annum from most of his engagements, home and abroad, is close to N50 million. As a celebrity pastor, he nets an estimated N500 million per annum as tithes and offering.

NB: materials in the above report tagged Bishop Isaac Idahosa’s Biography are not all written by ENigeria Newspaper but sourced from various online mediums and only edited where necessary.

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