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Azman Airline leave lawmakers stranded at the airport



Azman Airline leave lawmakers stranded at the airport

Azman Airline has left some house of reps members stranded at the airport as their flight was delayed, ENigeria Newspaper reports.

ENigeria Newspaper reports that the House of Representatives members who were victims of a delayed flight on Wednesday got the treatment ordinary Nigerians face with delayed and cancelled flights at some of the major airports in Nigeria.

While on a committee assignment, Ben Kalu (APC, Abia), Rotimi Agunsoye (APC, Lagos), Henry Achibong (PDP, Akwa-Ibom), and others were left stranded at Kano’s Aminu Kano International Airport.

The lawmakers were supposed to board Azman Airline for an official assignment with the Committee on Petroleum Upstream and Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF), but they waited for hours unattended for a flight that had been rescheduled from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., 6 p.m., 9:45 p.m., and finally 12:15 a.m.

Azman Airline leave lawmakers stranded at the airport

Azman aircraft

“It is critical that the people we represent know where we are, and that the National Assembly is aware that we are still stranded here,” he said. Nobody, not even the manager, is at the counter to address us as we speak to you.”

“A lot of Nigerians are left stuck in the hall,” he continued. There are other Nigerians who are stranded, and we are seeing and feeling it firsthand. Some of the residents have left.


“We are making this appeal to ordinary Nigerians. When residents submit their complaints to us, it sometimes feels as if they are fabricating them, but in this case, we are involved and experiencing it for ourselves,” the aggrieved Rep members revealed after the ugly Azman Airline incident

The MPs will discuss the issue with the Ministry of Aviation and the Consumer Protection Council, according to Mr Kalu.

“We don’t know when we’ll be leaving here, and we’ve shown an interest in learning about what’s going on in the aviation sector from the Ministry of Aviation and Consumer Protection Council as soon as we go back,” he said.

Nigerians have expressed dissatisfaction with aircraft delays and cancellations that occurred without prior notification or explanation.


Hadi Sirika, the Minister of Aviation, declared in July that airlines will refund customers’ tickets after a two-hour delay, but ENigeria Newspaper understands that regardless, Nigerian airlines continue to display zero respect for passengers.

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