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War in Anchor Insurance as Two Female Colleagues Fight Over Boyfriend




Anchor Insurance Company office has become more like a war zone lately as two top female staffers of the firm are currently in cold war, E-nigeria! reports.

Anchor Insurance MD, Austin Ebose Osegha

Anchor Insurance MD, Austin Osegha Ebose

The situation as we gathered has recently deteriorated so badly that the parties involved are now sworn enemies.

The two ladies were besties and coincidentally they also work together in the same department. However the whole drama ensued when one of them cornered the others’ fiancé and got married to him some months back.

For the purpose of emphasis, the lady whose fiancé was cornered is in her early thirties and her first name brings to heart the story of “Assurance” which happened some time ago in Nigeria.

She is from Anambra State and has been dating her man for years with hope of settling down with him until the unfortunate unthinkable happened.

As for the boyfriend Snatcher, I am informed her first name is Ofure; while the young man in question you can simply call Ehi.

Ehi and Miss “Assurance” had been dating for years with marriage in the picture, according to the bird that squealed the gist to yours truly.

My source who is also an insider said, “Miss Assurance had introduced her man – Ehi to her bestie who upon realizing that they hail from the same community began addressing him as “my brother” and then came the pack of trouble.

In a twinkle of an eye things took a flip turn and what began like a brother-sister relationship between Ofure and Ehi graduated into a hot romance without the knowledge of Miss “Assurance”.

Ehi’s attitude towards his girlfriend changed drastically; he began to evade her, skipping their love dates as well as playing the busy card.

Each time that happened Miss “Assurance” would confide in Ofure her bestie who would always comfort her and promise to talk to her ‘brother’.

Untouched by the evil she is meting out to her friend, Ofure continued to feed on the young man’s ntanta until luck ran out on her.

On a particular weekend Ofure informed her bestie of her plans to go on a date with a suitor, to which they discussed and laughed over. The deal day came and everything was going on well until the bubble bust.

“Miss Assurance placed a video call to her bestie to find out the status of her date and during the call, her mischievous bestie grappled to remain discrete, alas she was enjoying a ride with Ehi in his car.

Sensing foul play; she “Miss Assurance” quickly dialed her boyfriend’s number with a different phone at the same time and it rang out; that was when she connected the dots and all hell was let lose.

Right in the middle of the palaver, Ehi who is obviously without any iota of dignity went ahead to propose to Ofure who accepted and the rest like they say is history.

Unknown to “Miss Assurance”, the romance had been on for a while with most of their colleagues at Anchor Insurance already in the know. Guess what, as at the time of writing this gist, Ehi had lost his job, just a few months into his marriage with Ofure. The story continues…

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