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All you need to know about Hushpuppi ‘s Arrest in Dubai



Hushpuppi arrested |
FBI Agents - insert, Hushpuppi

Hushpuppi has reportedly been arrested. Speculations about Hushpuppi’s arrest gained center stage following a twitter user’s post which suggest that the social media big boy was arrested by a team of Interpol and men of the Federal Bureau of Investigation – FBI.

According to the caption on the video shared by the twitter user few hours ago, it suggests that the FBI and Interpol arrived Hushpuppi’s apartment and arrested in company of his ally Mr. Woodbery 02:00 pm Dubai time.

The twitter user further stated that the arrest was as a result of months of pains taking investigation carried out by the FBI regarding their involvement in a fraudulent deal in the corridors of $35 million (over 13 billion naira) .

HUshpuppy arrested in Dubai |

Hushpuppy arrested in Dubai |

According to the post, Hushpuppi and his crew collected the above sum posing as suppliers of Coronavirus (Covid-19) ventilators.

While the report is still subject to scrutiny and proper verification, e-nigeria! can point some quick facts to digest on the subject in focus.


>If Hushpuppi was truly arrested, since 02:00pm Dubai time,by now his mug shots would have been trending and not  a shabbily recorded video clip.

>>If Hushpuppi was arrested, international news platforms would be the first to slam the news, not an unverified twitter user.

>>>Hushpuppi may have intentionally sparked off another controversy to help secure cheap popularity for himself

>>>>The referenced video showed nothing that suggests Hushpuppi in the picture


>>>>>Hushpuppi collected $35 million, are you kidding? From an individual or from the government?

>>>>>>If Hushpuppi was arrested, your guess is as good as ours.

Known for his flamboyant lifestyle, Raymond Hushpuppi like he is fondly called, got famous displaying his expensive cars and luxury accessories on the internet.

He is currently in Dubai living a lifestyle of opulence however, his sources of wealth at this time is yet to be identified…


Meanwhile countless of times, he has had brushes with Nigerian musicians like Phyno and Timaya who both accuse him of living fake life…