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Alex Iwobi Playing Central Midfield for Everton: Is This Where He’s Best?



Alex Iwobi Playing Central Midfield for Everton: Is This Where He’s Best?

Alex Iwobi Playing Central Midfield for Everton: Is This Where He’s Best? ENigeria Newspaper brings analysis of the mentioned subject.

Versatility is often an unfairly claimed quality by those who can do several things but nothing properly. That’s absolutely not the case with Alex Iwobi, the Nigerian one-man band on the grass. While playing in Everton, he tried pretty much every position on the field, from attack to defence. He’s currently playing in the midfield for the Toffees, but is it really his favourite position?

Playing Everywhere
One day, we might see Iwobi shooting a corner kick and running to the penalty area to headbutt it. There’s really a lot he can do in the field, in many positions. Above all, he does it so convincingly that it’s hard to tell which position is his favourite. Before embarking on defending his country in the AFCON, the player tweeted that he expected to play in his favourite position, leaving fans wondering which position it would be.

There are no secrets anymore: Alex Iwobi has always seen himself as a midfielder, as he revealed in an interview. He added that he feels more comfortable in the midfield; he does his best wherever he plays. That much, we can tell. Because of his versatility, he is often a wild card in sportsbooks odds, as it’s really hard to tell what he’ll do next. Visit 10Bet Ghana, and check the latest odds for the Toffees.

A Well-Rounded Training
Alex Iwobi is a proud product of the Arsenal academy and has been trained to change between right and left sides seamlessly. Not many players can brag about playing skilfully on both sides. Even less so, in so many different positions, as Iwobi does. He has already played in left midfield, right midfield, and right wing-back.


However, he says he prefers to play as a wideout for the Toffees, while he prefers to play in the midfield for his national team. He adds that he can play in any position, according to the team and coach’s needs. Indeed, he’s one of the most respected players in his team. Although Everton isn’t having its best season, Iwobi hasn’t lost support from his fans; not even after the mistake that granted West Ham the winning goal last match. It was the first time Everton lost to West Ham both ways since 1973. Still, he was considered the best player in the match.

From Red to Blue
Iwobi left Arsenal for Everton in 2019 after receiving a surprising note while on vacation in Dubai. Ever since he has played under different coaches and filled different gaps, many would resent the fact that he didn’t have a stable position despite his undeniable versatility. Worse still, he suffered a hamstring injury right at the beginning of this contract with the Toffees and the AFCON.

He isn’t a high scorer, although he has an offensive style and shakes the net eventually.
Now, he seems to have found his place in the midfield, playing wideout. However, this could change should the team or the coaching change. Despite showing impressive performance over the last few games, his team’s campaign has been poor. The Toffees reached the final part of the competition fighting against relegation.

Alex Iwobi remains one of the brightest players on his side and one of Frank Lampard’s main hopes for the next round. The GBP 28-million player can still save the day, as he has shown in the past few matches. Iwobi has worked with quite a few coaches since he joined the Toffees. Now, with Frank Lampard, he seems to be finally playing where he wants to play.


Troubled Waters
Everton has recently changed its coach once again while at the brink of relegation. Frank Lampard is the fourth coach to lead the Toffees in four years, the second only this year. Lampard and the entire team are under tremendous pressure. There are only seven matches ahead, and they are five points behind 16th place, Leeds.

Only four points separate Everton from relegation, and any slip from now on could be fatal.

Nevertheless, the team has been consistently showing its still game and even defeated one of the top dogs, Manchester United. Alex Iwobi had a crucial role in this match, organising the team and creating attacking opportunities. The next matches won’t get much more difficult than that.

The Final Shot


Although Everton’s situation isn’t favourable, there are still seven games to steer clear of the relegation zone. Iwobi’s versatility may be Everton’s secret weapon in these final matches. Lampard seems to be doing what he can to let Iwobi play where he feels he’s at his best. Anyway, it’s a relief for Evertonian fans to know that there’ll be a great player to cover any position if the situation arrives.


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