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Aero Contractors Plane Enroute Abuja Almost Crashed Mid-Air



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An AERO Contractor flight 2124 escaped a crash en route Abuja-Lagos.

While on route from Abuja to Lagos on Wednesday, AERO Contractor Flight 2124 managed to avoid a collision.

The airplane, carrying at least 80 passengers, was roiled by a thick cloud, which eventually brought on a deluge.

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As the plane’s wings loudly flapped, terrified passengers cried and prayed for God to spare them from oncoming disaster in various ways.

The incident happened between 4:25pm and 4:40pm with reports reaching ENIGERIA noted that Awojebe Akinwale was the flight’s captain.

When the plane did finally arrive at around 4:45 pm, delighted passengers thanked his team.

The passengers disembarked, and the cabin crew and co-pilot of the captain smiled.

The aircraft spent around one hour and 20 minutes in the air instead of the one hour specified in the flight schedule, according to a source who was on the flight.

One of the passengers said, “This is my second time experiencing this turbulence. But today’s experience was more. I was terrified, but the pilots did justice to the situation. I thank God for everything. As I talk to you, I am still feeling the shock in my body. It was just God and the pilot.”

Five months after suspending its operation over financial crisis, Aero Contractor, relaunched commercial flight operations on Monday, December 5th, 2022.

On July 18, the management of Aero Contractor, had suspended flight operations following the impact of the challenging environment on its daily operations.

Aero said most of its aircraft were undergoing maintenance, resulting in inability to offer efficient service to customers.

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