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A lot of industrial crisis seems to be looming — NLC warns incoming administration



NLC writes allied unions in preparation for nationwide strike

As a result of the previous administration’s failed deals with the numerous groups it got into agreements with, Joe Ajaero, president of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), has predicted that the new administration will experience several industrial crises.


Ajaero said the departing administration of President Muhammadu Buhari neglected to address a number of unresolved industrial issues and expressed “pity” for the incoming Tinubu administration.

Ajaero made this known on Wednesday when he appeared on Channels TV programme, Politics Today.

According to the NLC President, several industrial crisis seem to be looming due to failed agreements with lecturers, doctors and the power sector.

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He stressed, “The Buhari administration tried its best in ensuring there is industrial peace and harmony to the best of its ability and capability but it was not enough as most of the industrial disputes the government treated are unfinished.

“You are talking about doctor’s strike, the agreement signed was not implemented and is waiting for the incoming government. The ASUU issue is pending and waiting for the incoming government. There is hardly any agreement that was conclusively decided and exhausted, and that is why I pity the incoming administration. A lot of industrial crisis seems to be looming.


“There is going to be a spillover effect on the incoming government because when you apprehend issues, it is to an end that you resolve the problem.”

When asked about possible solutions to avert strike actions, Ajaero explained that proper technocrats must be allowed to handle the sector, insisting that the implementation of agreements seems to be the beating heart of many of today’s crises.

“The best way to go is to sit down and study the situation. If this is done. They will be able to handle the issues one after the other and it will do them a lot of good if they bring in proper technocrats to handle that sector. Trade unions and their leaders are not unreasonable.

“If you have a new government that is listening and have the right calibre of people to address those issues, they will be resolved but the major problem is implementation where agreements made five, or ten years ago are not implemented.

“The implementability of agreements seems to be the reason for the crises we are having. Check ASUU, resident doctors, the power sector and other sectors.


“It is not usually too difficult to reach an agreement and strike a balance, but respecting the sanctity of such agreement by the government side has been a problem. Any agreement not forced on the government is expected to be honoured,” he pointed out.