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10 fully-funded Canadian Universities Nigerians can consider for  admission



10 fully-funded Canadian Universities Nigerians can consider for  admission

ENigeria Newspaper provides here,10 fully-funded Canadian Universities Nigerian can consider for admission.

Many Nigerians are considering moving to Canada. Through a variety of methods, the most prevalent of which is master’s application and acceptance.

But what is it about Canada that appeals to you the most?
The first is that Canada provides education that is unrivaled in the world. A degree from a Canadian university is highly regarded and recognized around the world. Another appealing feature of Canada is the opportunities open to immigrants, as well as the fact that migration to other nations is relatively safer and easier.

Canada is also a wonderful alternative for Nigerians because the two languages spoken there are English and French, making it easy to speak in English and study French for those who want to learn the language.

Canada is home to some of the world’s greatest universities, and you can study there for free if you match the prerequisites and submit your application before the deadline. The following universities are among them:


University of Toronto
The University of Toronto is the best university in Canada and among the best 25 universities in the world. It is famous for being the pioneer in the research on insulin. While admission into this university may be very competitive, it is perfect for students who are looking for fully funded scholarships because they get a very high amount of research funds yearly which can be used to sponsor students who get in on scholarship.

The University of Toronto gets about $1.3billion in research find yearly, enrolls 90,075 students per year and over 19,000 of these students are international students. So there’s a spot for you.

Western University
This university is known for its award-winning faculties and has one of the best and most distinguished academics and experts as professors. They also receive a huge amount in research funds, to the tune of $239million yearly. Amongst its yearly intake of 31,170, over 4,000 are international students.

University of Montreal
The University of Montreal is a Canadian Francophone university and it is among the top 100 in the world’s international university rankings.


This university is located in Quebec, the French part of Canada and it has one of the largest teaching and research institutions in the country. Université de Montréal is also known for its faculties of life science and medicine.
They receive about $567million yearly in funding and from 67,390 students enrolled yearly, International students make up 10,000.

University of Alberta
This university is one of Canada’s leading public research universities, known for academic excellence across the humanities and health sciences.

They receive a research amount of $513million yearly, and admit over 38 thousand students yearly, 7 thousand of which are international students.

McGill University
This University also ranks among Canada’s best universities, and it attracts a lot of international students every year, and has the highest percentage of PhD students of any Canadian research university. They receive $515million yearly as research amount and enroll 40,035 yearly, about 12,000 of which are international students.


McMaster University
This university is a great choice for students that are looking to be awarded fully-funded scholarships. It is very research-intensive, and enrolls about 31,845 students yearly and receives $380 million as research amount. It also admits about 3,000 international students yearly.

10 fully-funded Canadian Universities Nigerians can consider for  admission


University of Calgary
This university actively engages students in development in specific areas such as arts, science and medicine. The University of Calgary also encourages volunteering.

Its Research amount is about $488 million and it enrolls 33,100, over 4,000 of which are international students.
University of British Columbia

This university is ranked in the top 5% of universities globally. This is a very diverse school with a high number of international students, and is very likely to admit international students.
The university gets about $658 million in research funds and admits about 64,800, and about 17,00 of them are international students.

Laval University
Laval University is famous for its successful football team. It is located in the French-speaking area of Canada and receives a research amount of $404 million yearly. It also admits 42,710, over 5,000 of which are international students.


University of Ottawa
This University is located in the city of Ottawa one of the best student-friendly cities in Canada. It is known for its culturally diverse environment.

It is also a very good place to work after schooling. Its research amount is $313million and it enrolls about 42,255 students yearly, over 7,000 of which are international students.


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