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Actress Ada Ameh battles depression, gets sued



Actress Ada Ameh battles depression, gets sued
Ada Ameh depressed

Nollywood actress, Ada Ameh is currently battling mental health issues and has since left public space, ENigeria Newspaper reports.

ENigeria Newspaper observed that Ada Ameh, who lost her only child, Aladi Godgift, in October 2020, has not had it easy since.

In a television interview, the actress said she had risen from a dungeon of poverty, deprivation, denials, rejection, and lack, from having a child at the age of 14, to being driven out of the house, to dropping out of school, to attempting to protect the man who impregnated her, “everything was bad,” she said.

“Forget the stardom, I will be as sincere as possible. I went to and through hell and back in my bid to find my footing after my father chased me out of the house on discovering that I was pregnant at 14 years”, she narrated in a teary eye.

The actress disclosed her battle with depression in a recent video viewed by ENigeria Newspaper, adding that she has some challenges that are attempting to take her life, but she will overcome.

Actress Ada Ameh battles depression, gets sued


Again, Ada Ameh explained in the video how she was given a job that was believed to be a movie role, and that she was being sued for defaulting since she couldn’t complete the job, but that everything would be fine and she would get out of it all.

Aladi Godgift, the actress’s only child, died following a failed surgery in Abuja, putting her in a dreadful state of grief.

On Your View on TVC, the actress described how she battled drug abuse, Indian hemp smoking, drunkenness, homelessness, prostitution, and other obstacles while fighting to keep herself and her child safe.

Since Ada Ameh, popularly known as Emuakpor Johnson of The Johnson’s Tv Series, posted the video on her Instagram profile, many have flocked to various social media sites to console her.


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