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FXKudi, A New Option for African Remittances



FXKudi, A New Option for African Remittances

FXKudi is now the new payment option widely accepted by African businesses as a trusted means of remittance, ENigeria Newspaper reports.

Receiving money from friends and family is the lifeblood of many African countries, with over $80 billion in remittances. With the cost of sending money to Africa reaching new highs, it’s past time to try out other options such as FXKudi.

One of the realities of African banking is that many people lack the ability to transfer funds between their bank accounts in different countries. The majority of transactions are carried out on a local level. As a result, they rely on money transfer companies to send and receive money on occasion.

These businesses, on the other hand, impose exorbitant costs, particularly when sending money to other countries. The difficulty of democratizing borderless money transactions across Africa has been solved by an African startup enterprise called FXKudi.

According to a report from World Bank, UKaid, Cenfri, and FSDAfrica, they all stated that Africa has some of the most expensive remittance corridors in the world.


FXKudi has partnered with Flutterwaves, a pan-African Fintech startup, to remove the majority of those barriers and give other financial services to Africans. Here are some of the services that FXKudi offers.

FXKudi, A New Option for African Remittances


1. Borderless Money Transfer

FXKudi Borderless money transfer is one of the simplest, fastest, and most secure ways for you to send money overseas within and outside Africa.

When you send money to a recipient using the app, there are no additional charges to you or the receiver. And the process is seamless. You simply need to download the app, register, and start sending money to family and friends across Africa.

2. Virtual Dollar Card
The Virtual Dollar Card popularly known as FXKudi Card is a customized virtual card that you can simply get on the FXKudi app which will enable you to complete online transactions seamlessly. With the FXKudi card, you can use your local credit or debit card to fund it. You can also fund it with your FXKudi wallet and get instant credit on your card.


Your card can be used to pay for Netflix, Amazon orders, Fiverr purchases, pay to foreign websites that don’t accept Nigerian or Ghana ATM cards, and lots more.

3. Pay Bills and Buy Airtime
With the FXKudi app, you will be able to pay utility bills such as electricity bills, buy Airtime and data subscription for your respective networks, etc. This process is seamless and you can also use another currency to fund your bill payment in any local currency.

Currently, FXKudi support many currencies which enables you to send from one currency and the receiver is able to receive it in another currency. You can transfer money in these pairs of currency, Naira, Cedis, CFA, USD, and KES, and in just three steps you complete a transfer.

4. Virtual Wallet
If you have ever looked for a digital wallet that enables you to hold and manage multiple currencies in one place, then you are yet to see the FXKudi app. Their digital wallet app is super great with all features in one place allowing you to manage multiple currencies in dollars, Naira, Cedis, CFA, and KES.


You don’t have to open multiple accounts or carry multiple mobile apps on your phone to save and keep your money in multiple wallets. With Naira currently fluctuating, I think it’s okay to advise you to save your money with the FXKudi wallet and convert it to USD ($) sometimes so whatever exchange rates come up, it doesn’t have to affect you. What is not clear is, if it’d be possible to withdraw your money in dollars anytime instead of local currencies.

How To Send And Receive Money With FXKudi App
1. Download the app from App Store, or on Google Playstore
2. Complete the KYC process by uploading your means of Identification
3. Sign up successful

Steps to transfer money after registration;
1. Select sending and receiving currency
2. Provide the receiver’s account information which is the bank account details
3. Complete payment process

Now you can start enjoying instant money transfers from your mobile phone to any bank in Africa in the speed of light without paying some boring fees and passing through processes.



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