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Comedienne Madam Social Biography, Real name, net worth, cause of death



Comedienne Madam Social Biography, Real name, net worth, cause of death
Madam Social Roseline Onwujekwe

On Tuesday, ENigeria Newspaper broke the news that Comedienne Madam Social is dead, but in this post, we bring you her complete biography, age, net worth et al.

Name:  Roseline Onwujekwe
Date of Birth:  1940
Age: 81
Hometown: Born in Nri and Married in Nibo
State of Origin: Anambra State
Net Worth: $3000

Madam Social biography – Real Name
Comedienne Madam Social nicknamed herself in one of her very first set of comedy skits, but her real name is Roseline Onwujekwe. Her style of comedy is unique because she is known for dropping skits that advises people in parables and that is why she is loved.

Comedienne Madam Social Biography, Real name, net worth, cause of death


Madam Social biography – Brief History
Mama Roseline Onwujekwe, aka Mama social, is an octogenarian, comedienne who hit limelight with her unique comedy style that comes in form of quality life harks. She was reportedly born in Nri and Married in Nibo, all in Anambra State.

Madam Social Biography – Age
Many have asked the question, how old is Madam Social?
Even though her birth month is not known to us at the time of filing this report, so far, we know that she was born in the year 1940 and by that calculation she is this year.

Madam Social Biography (Family)
ENigeria Newspaper could not exactly find useful information about the family of late Roseline Onwujekwe – Madam Social. The only person known to be close to her is Social Media Influencer McShade.


Although there are claims that McShade is her grandson, others claimed he is only her nephew.

MCShade manages Madam Social’s social media pages and through constant postings of her comedy materials, he made her famous on the internet.

Madam Social Biography (Educational background)
Not much is known about Comedienne Madam Social and her educational background, however there are indications that she attained basic education which could be responsible for her good command of English language as seen in some of her comedy skits.

Madam Social Biography (Background)
There are reports in the media that suggests that Madam Social is a retired Civil servant. She reportedly ventured into Kerosene business after her retirement. She is well known in her area as a kerosene seller.


Madam Social Biography (Awards)
The late Comedienne although has many followers across her social media platforms, there are no known record of award(s) she won.

However, she was nominated by SUNCity Africa as the Comedian of the year in the Entertainment category, among other popular comedians and Comediennes.

Madam Social Biography (Cause of Death)
Madam Social – Mama Roseline Onwujekwe died about 48 hours ago in Anambra State, ENigeria Newspaper understands that her cause of death is related to health issues.

She has reportedly been battling ill health for some time before she eventually died.
She was also said to battle hearing and speaking difficulties, this took her away from social media for some time before she died.


Madam Social Net Worth:
is $3,000 USD Dollars. Madam Social, a senior social media comedian, has passed away. On Tuesday, her death was announced on her Instagram account.


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