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Tension as GAC, Hamzat other party stalwarts secretly root for Olorunfemi Mustapha



Tension as GAC, Hamzat other party stalwarts secretly root for Olorunfemi Mustapha

As the All Progressives Congress prepare for governorship primaries across states, there is tension in Lagos as incumbent governor Sanwo-Olu lost endorsement of key party members.

Despite openly endorsing Sanwo-Olu, ENigeria Newspaper has learned that there is serious tension in his camp, with strong indications that Tinubu, as well as important members of the Governor Advisory Council – GAC and deputy governor, Obafemi Hamzat, have withdrawn their support for the governor.

You may recall that ENigeria Newspaper revealed a few weeks ago in a now widely circulated article that Tinubu and the GAC had covertly declared support for Sanwo-Olu and endorsed Abdul-Ahmed Olorunfemi Mustapha for governor in 2023.

Although our exclusive report was later dismissed after the powerful man in Lagos politics openly endorsed the incumbent governor and deputy governor for a second term, according to reliable information obtained through the grapevine and made available to ENigeria Newspaper, Tinubu reiterated to governor Sanwo-Olu that his open endorsement does not imply an automatic second term ticket, as the people’s choice will be determined by the primaries currently underway.

Meanwhile, further inquiry by this newspaper revealed that more than half of the members of the GAC, including his deputy, Obafemi Hamzat, do not support the incumbent.


Bitter GAC members claimed that the governor lacks the necessary leadership qualities and intelligence to lead the party from the front.

“Sanwo-Olu has gone about stirring up sentiment and obtaining public endorsements from groups and certain persons in the state because he knows the GAC key members do not support and guarantee, he would get a return-ticket,” our source said.

ENigeria Newspaper observed that, unlike in the past, when a consensus candidature was the norm for Lagos, this time is different because there is a grand plan for delegates to work the magic for Tinubu, as he does not want to repeat the same strategy he used against Ambode in 2019, especially also because of the newly signed electoral act.

Our source also disclosed that the introduction of Wale Oluwo, a close supporter of former Lagos governor Ambode, into the governorship contest was merely a distraction to keep tongues from wagging if Tinubu’s candidate, Abdul-Ahmed Olorunfemi Mustapha, wins the primary.


Mr. Abdul-Ahmed Olorunfemi Mustapha, speaking before of the primaries, stated he has what it takes to address some of the city’s longings, citing education, healthcare, and infrastructure as his top concerns.


If elected as the next governor of Lagos State, Mustapha, a former permanent secretary in the state’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, said he is determined to confront and change the narrative in other areas, including power.
People will see a Lagos that works for everyone, regardless of party affiliation, religion, ethnicity, or other differences, according to the governorship candidate.

Mustapha told reporters that he would bring his extensive expertise in both the commercial and public sectors, which he gained both at home and abroad, to bear.

He said Lagos deserved the best, and that it was in a unique position to address the power crisis with the help of the telecommunications industry.

According to Mustapha, the state can use a variety of tactics and plans to establish more independent power plants and ensure a consistent electricity supply for citizens.


He focused on the health sector, saying that there are methods to build additional hospitals on a lease and in a more expedited manner, as is done in industrialized countries, and that hospital equipment might also be leased.

“The situation in which Lagos State currently finds itself is similar to the situation in which New York City found itself in the 1970s. “Where are the new ideas that we need to present?” For example, we need to construct new schools and hospitals, as well as provide equipment for the new institutions. We must construct new infrastructure. We want every citizen, regardless of background, to have the freedom to be whoever he wants to be.

“The time now calls for men of goodwill and idea to come to the table and bring in ideas that will cause critical growth in the education and health sector and in the infrastructure space,” he said.