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EXCLUSIVE: How inability to secure American green card led Genevieve Nnaji into depression



EXCLUSIVE: How inability to secure American green card led Genevieve Nnaji into depression
Genevieve Nnaji mental health

As reported by ENigeria Newspaper a few days ago, Genevieve Nnaji, a well-known Nollywood actress, is reportedly suffering from mental illness.

Genevieve Nnaji, according to a post published by anonymous Instagram blogger Gistlover, is suffering from mental illness and is currently receiving therapy at a psychotic hospital in Dallas, Texas.

Gistlover claimed that the incident with Genevieve Nnaji happened months ago, and that her close friends had fought hard to manage it with the help of skilled psychiatric experts ever since. READ MORE

Indeed, there are signs that her family and close friends have taken her phone away from her and archived her Instagram posts.

The actress made headlines just a few weeks ago when she inexplicably deleted all of her Instagram posts.


An American-based nurse also confirmed the claim, saying that the actress is truly incapacitated and is currently suffering from mental health issues.

ENigeria Newspaper has been exploring the actual reason for the Mbaise born actress and mother of one’s recent ordeal amid the outpouring of affection she has received since the news emerged.

According who spoke to ENigeria Newspaper revealed that , Genevieve Nnaji has been in the United States of America for some time, first in New York and then in Texas, where she is attempting to settle down hoping to process her Permanent Residence document.

According to a close source in Texas, the actress, who was once rumored to be on her way to marrying her American lover, was once again disappointed after he jilted her unexpectedly. The setback was said to have put a halt to the processing of her document.

EXCLUSIVE: How inability to secure American green card led Genevieve Nnaji into depression


ENigeria Newspaper learnt that, the actress’s supposed marriage would have automatically granted her a green card (permanent residency status), which would have allowed her to apply for American citizenship eventually, but the plot never materialized.

The actress, who supposedly put a lot of money into the project, was devastated when her “arranged lover jilted her after milking her dry,” Our source revealed.

Even though Genevieve is apparently undergoing treatment for her mental health, we cannot confirm if she turned to drugs in the aftermath of the disappointment, but reliable sources tell us “She is in horrible state.”

In a pathetic attempt to disprove the story of her illness, the actress’s handlers promptly posted a brief video of her painting a canvas, causing yet another round of indignation across social media sites.

There will be more to come in this story as it develops.


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