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Government, others to pay before using Twitter -Elon Musk



Government, others to pay before using Twitter -Elon Musk

Billionaire business man, Elon Musk who recently bought Twitter says Government is to pay before using the platform, ENigeria Newspaper reports.

This revelation was made by the Tesler founder on Wednesday via his verified page on the platform, ENigeria Newspaper reports.

On Monday, April 25, Twitter disclosed that it has sold the platform to billionaire entrepreneur, Elon Musk for $44 billion.
The sale marked a significant change for the board, which had previously attempted to prevent Musk from turning the social networking platform private.

Elon Musk went on to say that commercial and government users of Twitter may have to pay to use the microblogging platform, while regular users will be able to use it for free.

Government, others to pay before using Twitter -Elon Musk


Since Musk purchased Twitter, the company has begun to implement several new policies, one of which being the edict he issued yesterday.

Elon Musk’s Wednesday tweet merely reinforces many people’s fears that his take over may signal the platform’s commercialization, which many users already dislike.


According to a study conducted by ENigeria Newspaper, despite Musk’s assurance that the microblogging service would “always” stay free for casual users, some users of Twitter have continued to express doubt about the veracity of his statement.

Elon Musk further justified his actions by claiming that free services contributed to the demise of great companies.
“Some revenue is better than none!” he wrote.

Obviously, no one knows what will happen next, but it appears that Twitter users are in for some exciting times ahead, but only time will tell.


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