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Ogun 2023: Kemi Adeosun positioned to replace Dapo Abiodun



Ogun 2023: Kemi Adeosun positioned to replace Dapo Abiodun
Kemi Adeosun visits Obasanjo

Kemi Adeosun, former finance minister is being positioned to replace Governor Dapo Abiodun in 2023, ENigeria Newspaper reports.

In several quarters, the fight for the general elections of 2023 is heating up.

States and political parties have been thrown into a frenzy of some type, especially as the parties prepare for primary elections in a few weeks.

Ahead of the All-Progressives Congress (APC) there has been an upheaval and heightened uncertainties as the re-election of incumbent Governor Dapo Abiodun.

Following a report by Saharareporters that the governor was allegedly jailed in 1986 for credit card theft in Miami Dade, Florida, the governor’s re-election became more uncertain.


According to a criminal record obtained by Saharareporters, Dapo Abiodun was allegedly using a fictitious name (Shawn Michael Davids) to defraud people with the sole aim of concealing his criminal identity.

According to the records, Dapo Abiodun was sentenced to prison for credit card fraud, petty theft, and check forgery.
On November 7, 1986, he was detained for attempting to resist arrest by fighting and wounding a police officer.

His fingerprint was run through the criminal database as he was being processed at the station, and it was revealed that the Adedapo Oluseun Abiodun being processed for detention was the same as Shawn Michael Davids.
As a result, his criminal record and history were sealed, and he was imprisoned.

Abiodun’s jail number was 8600B9436, according to records obtained by SaharaReporters.


Dapo Abiodun’s alleged criminal record has damaged his image in the media, and some of his loyalists and key party members have distanced themselves from him, according to sources who spoke to ENigeria Newspaper.

Some senior APC figures have already suggested that the party fields another candidate in the 2023 election, with Kemi Adeosun, the troubled former Minister of Finance, being the only person who has been suggested as a likely alternative for Abiodun.

According to the Nigerian Newspaper findings, Kemi Adeosun has been engaging key players in Ogun politics, who coordinated her recent visit to former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

In an Instagram post, the former embattled former Minister wrote: “So honoured to visit Baba in Abeokuta today. He’s filled with so much wisdom. Listening to his anecdotes is like learning in the best executive classroom.”


Given her gender, some major people feel Kemi Adeosun’s candidacy would garner widespread support and the ship is said to be almost set to sail.


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