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Mohammed Babangida reunites with estranged wife, Rahma Indimi



Mohammed Babangida reunites with estranged wife, Rahma Indimi

Mohammed Babangida reunites with estranged wife, Rahma Indimi just like Old firewood that is not hard to rekindle ENigeria Newspaper reports.

Mohammed Babangida, the polo loving first son of former military dictator Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, and his wife, Rahma Indimi, had a wedding that was the talk of the town in 2004 when the crème de la crème gathered as the two were joined in a sophisticated society wedding, which saw the convergence of big wigs in the then circle of opulent Nigerians, sadly the marriage has now crashed like carelessly laid cards after they both had four children.

The breakdown of their marriage resulted in a slew of acrimony and bad blood, most of which made its way into social media.


Rahma Indimi and her estranged husband, Mohammed Babangida, are back in each other’s arms, according to recent events and information obtained by ENigeria Newspaper.

Rahma Indimi is the daughter of billionaire businessman Mohammed Indimi, the founder and chairman of Oriental Energy Resources, a privately-held Nigerian oil exploration and production company.

Rahma, who hinted at the news in an Instagram post, expressed her gratitude to her four children’s father and former Military President Ibrahim Babangida for making it possible.


Indeed, old firewood are not impossible to rekindle, as demonstrated by Rahma and Mohammed.