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Why Ooni of Ife sent Olori Naomi Silekunola ’s family off the palace



Why Ooni of Ife sent Olori Naomi Silekunola ’s family off the palace

Ooni of Ife sent the family of Olori Naomi Silekunola out of the palace, thus a world war ensued, ENigeria Newspaper reports.


ENigeria Newspaper reports that Olori Naomi Silekunola fueled separation and divorce rumors after announcing on her Instagram profile that her marriage to the respected monarch had terminated without providing much details.

Given recent accounts of her purported misunderstandings with the Ooni, Queen Naomi Silkunola’s declaration came as little surprise; nonetheless, many insiders found it fascinating that the monarch quickly secured a replacement for her before the mention of Jack Robinson.

Insiders have now revealed more details of dramatic incidents that led to the exit of Queen Naomi Silkunola from the palace. ENigeria Newspaper previously profiled Princess Ashley Afolashade Adegoke, who is rumoured to be the next Olori in the palace.


The following is an uncensored account from one Olayinka B Sunmola, which was provided to the ENigeria Newspaper.

“The girl is just a pathetic liar! The Ooni endured so much from her and her mum and the elder brother.

She brought them to live in the palace and constituted so much problems. Why didn’t she mention her brother insulted the King’s father at a point? and never apologised till today, not even her mum did so! It was her dad who went on apologising on her behalf.

The king had enuf of her troubles and sent the mum and sibling packing and she insisted if they can’t live in the palace she would also follow them. The king stood his grounds and she threathened to go on social media and the man said she shloud go ahead.


Her brother is even worse! The king gave u a multibillion naira Estate project in Akure to handle, he messed up the whole thing with the building collapsing. The King had to take it over from him and now they are fighting the man.

This girl just blew her chances! Her mum should be help responsible for the way she turned out.
A small girl they brought from grass to grace and now wanting to be the Lord of the Master simply bcos u have given him a son!.

I blame the King for not marrying many wives as the Alaafin..they wouldn’t have had the guts to misbehave.
All hail the King! Arole Odua

….pls who started this bride’s mother leaving their husband’s house to go live with their daughters in their new husband’s house? even if the mother isn’t an issue people ll assume.”


Meanwhile as at the time of filing this reports there indications that a high powered delegation of Yoruba revered elders who are emissaries of the king bought gifts valued at several millions in preparation to pay Queen Naomi Silekunola a visit to convince her to make a detour, reconcile and return to the palace.

Ashley Afolashade Adegoke: Why Ooni of Ife dumped her initially

Why Ooni of Ife sent Olori Naomi Silekunola ’s family off the palace


Princess Ashley Afolashade Adegoke was to be married by the Ooni of Ife Initially but the opposite happened over a dichotomy, ENigeria Newspaper reports.

The story of the Ooni of Ife’s marital issue has dominated the entire news arena for weeks; nevertheless, the climax of the developing drama came when Queen Naomi Silekunola proclaimed the end of her marriage to the famous Yoruba king in the early hours of Thursday.

Although Queen Naomi did not go into depth, ENigeria Newspaper has learned that the cause for her separation from the king is related to a variety of concerns, one of which is the expulsion of her direct family from the king’s palace, which we shall discuss in more detail in our next publication.

A share case of “Queen come, Queen go, palace remains the same” According to inside sources, the king has quickly found a substitute for ex-queen Naomi, and her name is princess Ashley Afolashade Adegoke.


Olori Ashley is an entrepreneur and a certified public accountant. Ashley Adegoke Foundation is a non-profit organization run by the beautiful queen.

She was apparently based in London before moving to Ile Ife to begin her marriage to the monarch.

Ashley isn’t a newcomer to the Ile Ife palace, nor is she the Ooni of Ife’s new lover, according to insiders who spoke to ENigeria Newspaper.

she has always been in the handsome monarch’s life, even before he married Olori Wuraola, who divorced the king shortly after ascending the throne of his ancestors; Ashley reportedly took a piece of Oba Adeyeye’s heart before Naomi Silekunola became his queen.


In truth, Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi – Ojaja II, who turned 47 last week, was planning to marry Ashley before Naomi, but there was a stumbling block: Ashely is a single mother.

There are also reports that the king, following recent breaches in his marriage to Olori Naomi, resorted to taking Ashley Afolashade Adegoke as his second wife; a choice that was reportedly met with opposition by the current queen, who swore she would not share her Olori title with another woman.

Why Ooni of Ife sent Olori Naomi Silekunola ’s family off the palace


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