Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church, better known as Winners Chapel, has been accused of dismissing over 40 church pastors from various stations across the country, E-nigeria! Newspaper has learned.

“In a special campaign dubbed ‘Operation by all means,’ pastors under the church employ are expected to gain souls by any means necessary to accomplish the founder’s goal of 10,000 congregations in Nigeria.” a source stated.

Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo

However, only a little over a thousand churches have been planted thus far, leaving the vision in limbo.

Pastor Peter Godwin, who leads a parish in Ikere, Ekiti, claims that his and 40 other pastors’ jobs were terminated by Living Faith Church due to poor performance.

E-nigeria! saw a piece of the letter which read in part,  “Please be notified that your services as pastor in charge are no longer required from this commission with immediate effect as a result of a performance review which discloses that your church growth index falls below expectations,”

After his services were abruptly terminated, the church ejected him from the flat he was occupying without a severance compensation.

Pastor Godwin, who has been employed since August 28, 2020, said he was summoned by the state pastor, along with 40 other pastors, to engage in a ‘kingdom advancement activity,’ which comprises soul-winning, and that they were eventually issued a paper that turned out to be a disengagement letter.

According to a source, after the first batch of pastors was fired, others were placed on probation until the end of July.

Pastor Godwin expressed his dissatisfaction in a video obtained by this newspaper, stating that he is currently trapped and wishes to draw the attention of the Church and the entire body of Christ to his plight.

Although the Living Faith Church is yet to make an official statement on the matter, reactions to the video have begun to spread throughout social media channels.


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