E-NIGERIA! has learned that the Department of State Services (DSS) verified the raid on Sunday Igboho’s home, as well as the detention and execution of some of his men.
The DSS paraded some of Igboho’s men captured during the operation with a woman alleged to be his wife during a press conference at its Abuja headquarters.
Among the items recovered from the Yoruba Nation front line member, according to a statement made by the Nigerian secret police, are Ak47 riffles, pump actions, international passports in his name, cash, live ammunition, charms, and others.
“In the early hours (about 0134 hours) of today, 1st July, 2021, a joint team of security operatives invaded the residence of Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo a.k.a. SUNDAY IGBOHO at Soka, Ibadan, Oyo State,” according to a press statement issued to Peter Afunaya, DSS spokesperson. This was predicated on information that he had a cache of weapons in the area. The squad was ambushed by nine (9) guys, presumed to be IGBOHO’s guards, as they approached the residence. Six (6) of them were armed with AK-47 rifles, while the other three (3) were equipped with Pump-Action Rifles.

Item recovered from Sunday Igboho's house-after DSS raid
Item recovered from Sunday Igboho’s house-after DSS raid

2. Two (2) of IGBOHO’s armed men were gunned down during the exchange, while the others were subdued and captured. Only one operative was injured when the intruders shot him in the right hand. He has, however, undergone medical treatment and is in good health.
3. The crew then proceeded to examine the residence in a systematic manner, recovering the following items, among others:
i. Seven AK-47 assault rifles; ii. Three Pump Action guns; iii. Thirty (30) fully charged AK-47 magazines; v. Five (5) Cutlasses, One (1) Jack knife, One (1) Pen Knife
vii. One (1) binoculars; vi. Two (2) pistol holsters
viii. A wallet containing five (5) one-dollar bills; local and international driver’s licenses in his name, ATM cards, and a German residence permit with his name with the number YO2N6K1NY;
ix. two (2) whistles; x. fifty five (50) cartridges

ix. A total of eighteen (18) walkie-talkies;

xii. Three traditional body armour/voodoo charm jackets;

xiii. Two (2) laptop computers (one Toshiba and one Compaq);

xiv. His and many others’ international passports (as displayed here). Exploitation and forensic analysis are still underway.

4. In addition to the things confiscated from the building, thirteen (13) suspects were detained and taken to Abuja, including twelve (12) males and one (1) female. The other twelve (12) suspects paraded here while one is being profiled:
i. Abdulateef OFEYAGBE
ii. Amoda BABATUNDE aka Lady K (female)
iii. Tajudeen ERINOYEN
iv. Diakola ADEMOLA
v. Abideen SHITTU
vi. Jamiu NOAH
vii. Ayobami DONALD
viii. Adelabe USMAN
ix. Oluwafelumi KUNLE
x. Raji KAZEEM
xi. Taiwo OPEYEMI and
xii. Bamidele SUNDAY.

5. The purpose of this brief is to: i. Inform Nigerians and the rest of the world that Sunday IGBOHO and his organization have become well-armed and determined to subvert public order under the cover of a struggle for self-determination. The arrests and seizures are, without a doubt, confirmation of IGBOHO’s and his colleagues’ big plan to mount a violent insurgency against the Nigerian state.
ii. Notify foreign missions and licensing agencies in Nigeria and abroad of this situation, as well as the probability that IGBOHO will report some of his personal permits and identity cards missing and seek replacements.
iii. Inform stakeholders that the five (5) AK-47 assault rifles discovered in the facility are believed to have been taken from Nigerian Customs and Immigration employees in Idi Iroko, Ogun State, by IGBOHO’s members.
6. IGBOHO had the opportunity to flee during the hour-long gunfight. ADEYEMO, a.k.a. Sunday Sunday IGBOHO is on the run now. IGBOHO might be able to run as far as he can. He’s free to conceal for as long as he wishes. As his strength carried him, he might have struck security operatives. But his antics will come to an end now. He won’t be able to hide for much longer. His strength will almost certainly fail him. And he’ll be caught by the law. It’s possible that the legal system will take a long time to catch up. But it will be consistent.
7. As a result, ADEYEMO/IGBOHO is urged to report to the nearest law enforcement agency. Those who are praising and lauding him may make an appeal to him or counsel him to take action. He should hand himself over to the proper authorities. He, or anyone else, can never be exempt from the law. Meanwhile, those who have been apprehended will face charges.


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