Moments ago, E-nigeria! Broke the news of Nairaland discussion forum where it we reported that the forum was down for several hours. READ HERE

In a swift response, Nairaland owner, Seun Osewa in a statement made available to E-nigeria! Moments ago, not only affirmed our story but provided reasons for which the downtime occurred.

“Nairaland was down for two hours due to a minor miscommunication with our host that was related to copyright infringement.

It shouldn’t have taken as long as 2 hours to restore Nairaland, but it took a while for us figure out exactly what to do because it hadn’t happened before, and we also had to wait for our host’s support team to restore us fully after taking the necessary steps.

We are sorry for this inconvenience.

We know that keeping Nairaland working is especially important in this terrifying political climate, and we take it very seriously. Nigerians need a platform that they can use to share their views freely with each other. We believe that Nairaland is that platform, he concluded”.

Seun Osewa is a tech giant who designed the largest discussion forum in Africa with more than a 1million users and counting.


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