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BUA Group buys failed Covid-19 Vaccine for Nigerians



BUA buys fake Covid-19 Vaccine for Nigerians | e-nigeria!

Details are now emerging on how BUA group one of Nigeria’s conglomerates founded by Abdul Samad Rabiu took delivery of about 1 million dozes of failed vaccine for Nigerians, E-nigeria! investigation reveals.

The Vaccine purchased by BUA (Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine) has been receiving shades and currently being rejected in different parts of the world including United Kingdom where it was originally distributed and other African countries like South Africa, which recently banned the use of the vaccine for fear of death.

According to researchers, the AstraZeneca vaccine does not only prove ineffective on the new covid-19 variants but  four in 10 persons had at least one after effect or another, most commonly pain and swelling, 1 or 2 days after vaccination. The study involved reports from nearly 40,000 people in December.

Again, because the vaccine was hurriedly produced with the aim of cushioning the rapid spread of the deadly virus at the time, some key factors were not considered thus rendering it impotent in the battle against Covid-19.


The impotency of the AstraZeneca vaccine dashed the hope of its makers who initially thought it will be widely used in most developing countries; they project a production of 3 billion doses this year for about $3 each, far lower price than any other vaccine shown to offer protection against COVID-19.

Yet the South Africans trial of the vaccine, conducted in about 2000 people, found such a low efficacy against mild and moderate disease, fewer than 25%, that it would not meet minimal international standards for emergency use.

Yet without considering all the demerits of the failing vaccine, Abdul Samad Rabiu led BUA Group hurriedly purchased about a million doses for Nigerians.

How it all started:


At a stakeholders’ meeting held in Lagos on Monday, CACOVID (Private Sector Coalition Against Covid-19), reached an agreement to raise the sum of $100million for the acquisition of mass Covid-19 vaccines for Nigerians.

At the meeting, it was discussed that the coalition needed to step in to assist the government in the battle against the dreaded Covid-19 virus.

According to CACOVID, the $100 million which was targeted at purchasing more vaccines from other reputable sources to support the initial 1 million doses donated by Afreximbank was to be supervised by the government since no individual can purchase a potent vaccine without the express approval from the government.

E-nigeria! further gathered that Samad went ahead to source for the AstraZeneca in other to steal the shine off CACOVID.


His hasty action may cost him some millions of dollars with the current revelation surrounding the AstraZeneca vaccine and Federal government new directives barring the private sector from administering COVID-19 vaccine, reserving the vaccination exclusively for the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency (NPHCDA) for safety reasons.

In its claim, BUA said it acted in good fate by stepping in to pay for the acquisition of the vaccine on behalf of Nigerians when CACOVID could not, but the concern from many quarters is that if a vaccine like AstraZeneca vaccine which has been rejected in countries like South Africa and other West African Countries be allowed to find its way into Nigeria, then we may be in for another round of trouble.

Meanwhile all efforts to reach BUA Group Corporate Communications helmsman, Tega Ogra proved abortive as repeated calls and text messages sent to his MTN line *********4963 were neither responded to as at press time.